Serge was born in Leningrad and lived, studied and worked there for the first half of his life. He graduated with a degree in theoretical mathematics from the Leningrad State University (Functional Analysis) and worked at the Department of Mathematics of the Leningrad Institute of Communications, teaching math. In 1988 Serge received his Ph. D. degree in Applied Mathematics. In 1992, he relocated to US and lived in the Boston area, working for different software companies as a developer, notably for Lotus and IBM. Long time Windows/C++/Visual Studio aficionado, working mostly on the client side of Web projects. In 2007 Serge relocated to New York following the company he was working at the time as a head of the client development team (Inuvo, Inc.). Since July 2014, he is been working at Ghostery as a developer.

Written by Valeria

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