Cliqz protects your privacy. Your web searches and website visits are entirely your business. Your age, gender, interests and preferences do not concern us. Therefore, we do not even collect such information. We do not save any data about you on our servers; nothing based on which you could be identified.

Data protection policy for Cliqz for Windows

Cliqz for Windows is a browser with an integrated search engine. The actual browser technology is largely based on the software code of Firefox, Mozilla Foundation’s popular browser. The search engine and associated user interface is a proprietary development of Cliqz GmbH.


Operator of Cliqz for Windows is the Cliqz GmbH (hereinafter we, us, Cliqz).

Cookies and Tracking

Cliqz for Windows doesn’t use Cookies and does not transmit tracking data to any server.

Browser History and Bookmarks

When you enter search queries or web addresses in the browser’s address bar, Cliqz for Windows will show you website suggestions based on Cliqz search technology, and / or website suggestions based on browser data containing your browsing history and bookmarks. Cliqz handles these browser data locally, meaning they stay on your computer.

Personal Data

Cliqz for Windows works without personal data such as e-mail addresses, names or user IDs. Only when contacting Cliqz (for example via contact form or e-mail) will your information (which may include personal data, for the purpose of processing the request and getting back in touch in case questions arise) be saved.

IP Addresses

Cliqz for Windows sends your IP address together with your input in the browser and search query to our servers. This is necessary in order to return the website suggestions. Immediately after that, the IP address is automatically deleted from our servers. In case you share your location with Cliqz, we determine your approximate location based on an automatically truncated IP. Shortening the IP prevents the identification of individual users. Cliqz never stores full IP addresses or uses them for any other purpose than answering queries.

Location Data

If you share your location with Cliqz, you will receive additional information related to your location. For example, you get info about shops or restaurants near you, or about the nearest cinema that shows the movie you have just searched for.
You can specify whether your device may transmit your location data to Cliqz. The following settings are available: ‘Always’, ‘Ask me every time’, ‘Never’. The default setting is ‘Ask me every time’. In order to change the setting, open the Control Centre by clicking on the ‘Q’ icon to the right of the address bar. Go to the option ‘Share your location?’ and set the check mark accordingly.
Cliqz never stores your location data, either on your device or on our servers.
Area information of Cliqz sometimes contains references to external map services such as Google Maps. If you click on these links, the handling of your data falls under the rules and methods of these external services.

Anonymous Data Usage

In order to operate and develop Cliqz for Windows, we collect anonymous usage data. This purely statistical data contain information, such as the frequency of use of the Cliqz for Windows version, device specifications (e.g., the used operating system) and information about the extension (e.g., the type of suggestions shown). IP addresses are automatically deleted from the user data sets. Since these data sets do not contain any personal information and cannot be linked to any of such kind, the track-back of Cliqz usage data about you and your behaviour on the web is almost impossible.

To be able to suggest websites to you while you’re making entries in the address bar (URL bar), Cliqz for Windows sends your keystrokes to our servers. These keystroke data are not saved.

Moreover, Cliqz collects and saves on its servers which website suggestions are clicked on by the user in the drop-down menu, as well as to which category these website suggestions belong to (based on the browser history, bookmarks, or the Cliqz search technology). Cliqz also collects and saves the search queries or website addresses the users enter in the address bar. These data are used to evaluate the relevance of our website suggestions on a purely static level, without regard to individual users. The terms entered and website selection are each analysed exclusively as a single event. Aggregation of data from multiple events which could theoretically help to track-back to the user does not take place at Cliqz. Cliqz never links personal data (e.g., IP address or e-mail address) with any events.

As concerns the Human Web participants, Cliqz collects additional anonymous data about visits to websites. These data will only be used for discovering new websites and evaluating the relevance and reliability of websites. Participation in Human Web is voluntary.

Individual user statistics (Cliqz Star)

Cliqz for Windows detects how often and how much you use the browser and the integrated search engine. These individual usage statistics are for yourself only and stay on your device. You can view them in the browser via the Cliqz Star program.

Browser Updates

By default, the Cliqz for Windows is automatically updated by us. To check for updates, Cliqz for Windows sends us the following info once a day: version information, language settings, your operating system and its version. You can switch off the automatic updates and search for updates by going to Menu/Advanced/Updates, however it may leave you open to security vulnerabilities.

Where does Cliqz process the data?

In order to be able to offer a better performance worldwide, the technical infrastructure for the operation of Cliqz for Windows is distributed between data centres in Germany and the USA.


In order to prevent the interception of your website visits, Cliqz for Windows automatically displays the encrypted HTTP Secure version of a website, if available.

Disclosure of Information

The operator of Cliqz for Windows transmits no personal or personally identifiable data to anyone.


Cliqz for Windows is largely based on the software code of Firefox, Mozilla Foundation’s browser. Futhermore, Cliqz for Windows uses some security features of Firefox. Therefore, the Mozilla Foundation receives some data from your Cliqz for Windows browser.
Cliqz for Windows automatically checks for malicious or forged web pages, broken add-ons, and third-party issued SSL certificates.

Secure Website Certificates

When you visit a secure website (i.e. “https”), Cliqz for Windows will validate the website’s certificate. This may involve communicating with a third-party status provider specified by the certificate. Cliqz for Windows sends to this third-party information identifying the site’s certificate. You can change your preferences, but if you disable the online verification feature, Cliqz for Windows cannot confirm the identity of the website you are visiting. Turning off this feature may increase the risk of your private information being intercepted. If you encounter an untrusted connection, you can also choose to send the associated certificates to Mozilla.

Firefox Forgery and Attack Protection

About twice per hour, the browser downloads Google’s SafeBrowsing lists to help block access to sites and downloads that are malicious or forged (Google’s privacy policy is at For downloaded executables that do not appear in these lists, the browser may send metadata, including URLs associated with the downloaded file, to the SafeBrowsing service.

Browser Status Report

Mozilla collects data on the status of Cliqz for Windows. These data include, for instance: type of device, operating system, Cliqz for Windows version, add-ons (number and type), delay and duration of browser events, display, session restores, length of session, number of crashes and the number of pages. The status report contains no information on visited websites. You can choose to turn data sharing off.


With Cliqz for Windows you can make use of most of the Firefox extensions and add-ons. Cliqz for Windows contacts Mozilla once a day to look for add-on information and malicious add-ons. This includes for example: browser version, operating system and version, language used, the total number of requests, the time of the last request, time of day, IP address and the list of installed add-ons.

The operators of these add-ons and extensions collect data themselves. The handling of your data falls under the rules and methods of these operators.

Usage statistics (sometimes called “telemetry” hereinafter)

Usage statistics or “Telemetry” include data on usage, performance, and responsiveness statistics about user interface features, memory and hardware configuration. In Cliqz for Windows, the transfer of such data to Mozilla is disabled. If you activate it manually, Mozilla receives the above-mentioned data, including your IP address as part of a standard web log.
Usage statistics are transmitted using SSL and help Mozilla improve future versions of Firefox. Once sent to Mozilla, usage statistics are aggregated and made available to a broad range of developers, including both Mozilla employees and public contributors. When Telemetry is enabled, certain short-term experiments may collect information about visited sites.

Forwarding to external search engines

The privacy-related paragraphs above concern the Cliqz website suggestions. These are the websites you see in the drop-down menu of Cliqz for Windows. These suggestions are based on the Cliqz search technology, and / or your browsing history and bookmarks. Cliqz for Windows offers you the possibility to use other search engines as well. If you opt for one of these, Cliqz for Windows forwards your search query to the search engine of your choice. The handling of your data then falls under the rules and methods of these external search engines.

Download Portals

Cliqz for Windows is also available for download via external partner portals. If you choose these download sources, the policies and practices of the respective operators apply.


Should the rules and methods concerning data protection and privacy in Cliqz for Windows change, we shall make it public on this website.

Questions and feedback

For questions and feedback about privacy, feel free to contact us via