Cliqz Goes Open Source

”Pioneer of full transparency and certified security standards”

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Munich, Germany; June 9, 2016: The vendor of integrated browser and search applications Cliqz GmbH ( has published its software code on The code of the Cliqz browser (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) and the Firefox extension is now completely open source, including the client-side parts of the search, anti-tracking and Human Web technology. Cliqz also offers a transparency cockpit. Users can see in real time which data leave their computer and how the data are processed. Furthermore, the German Association for Technical Inspection TÜV Saarland has awarded Cliqz the Certificate for Data Protection for its desktop browser, Firefox extension, infrastructure and processes.

The Cliqz browser for Windows and Mac is free of charge and offers a quick search engine and privacy protection tools. To build its web index, Cliqz applies its own Human Web technology: the users create the statistical data about the relevance and security of websites in completely anonymous way. The Human Web is built on the principle of privacy-by-design, which guarantees that no personally identifiable data is stored on Cliqz servers.

“We are transparency pioneers. We aim to offer users full control over their data”, said Marc Al-Hames, General Manager, Cliqz. ”Our search and security features only work with anonymous, statistical data and never use any data about individual users. You don’t need to trust that claim. Now that our source code is open, you can validate it.“

Cliqz for Windows, Cliqz for Mac and Cliqz for Linux (beta) are based on the popular open source browser Mozilla Firefox and can be downloaded for free at, where you will also find download links to the Cliqz iOS and Android apps.

About Cliqz

The mission of the German startup Cliqz is to redesign the Internet for the user by combining the power of data, browser, and search. In Munich, approximately 100 experts from 30 different countries develop browsers and browser extensions with integrated search engines to bring users to their destination in the most direct way while protecting their privacy.
Jean-Paul Schmetz founded Cliqz GmbH in 2008. Since May 2013, Cliqz GmbH has been majority-owned by Hubert Burda Media, one of Europe’s leading media and tech companies. In August 2016, Mozilla joined as a strategic minority investor. With Cliqz for Firefox launched in June 2014, the concept of searching quickly via the browser gained traction fast with more than a million daily active users in just a few months. The Cliqz browser for Mac and Windows with integrated anti-tracking launched in March 2016. The Cliqz browser with built in quick search engine is also available for iOS and Android.

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