Tech @ Cliqz: Data vs. Privacy in the time of COVID-19

How can we protect fundamental rights amidst fear and uncertainty? Cliqz developers propose an architecture that combines epidemiological data collection with privacy.

Data vs. Privacy in the times of COVID-19

Cliqz Team

In the Corona crisis, the Cliqz developer team has published a proposal for a data collection architecture that allows the collection of epidemiological data on COVID-19 using smartphone apps while preserving the privacy of the users.

Users of such an app could see whether they have been in contact with people with symptoms or positive diagnosis. Health authorities could use the data to identify infection hotspots and take targeted measures. Scientists would have access to valuable data about dissemination and containment efforts. All this without invading the privacy of infected and non-infected people.

The proposed architecture is similar to the Human Web Proxy Network technology used by Cliqz to build its web index by collecting statistical data on digital flows of movement in a strictly privacy-preserving way. We explain our proposal in detail in our tech blog

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