The Cliqz browser.Surf and find ultra-safe, ultra-fast.Made in Germany.

We gave everything to take surfing and searching the internet to the next level. We have come up with Cliqz the first browser to give you back your security and revolutionize the search.We are proud of it. We are Cliqz.

Enormously fast and surprisingly smart. We have reinvented web search. With Cliqz.

Our Cliqz browser comes with a web search on board. And what a search it is! As soon as you begin typing in your search term you will see website suggestions and contents in realtime – directly in your browser window. One click and you are where you want to go. No other browser can do that.

Your security is our concern. Protect your private sphere and keep data leeches away.

We have developed Cliqz in such a way that even we can never draw conclusions about you and your individual search behaviour. This is the difference between us and other internet companies who want to know all about you. Moreover Cliqz actively protects your personal data from being accessed by third parties. To prevent this we have integrated anti-tracking, anti-phishing and ad-blocking directly into the browser.

Human Web means: what is relevant in the net is determined by users. Not by robots.

With the Human Web we have developed a technology which makes sure that Cliqz really does suggest the most relevant websites to you. With the wisdom of the crowd – the wisdom of us all – Human Web recognises sites which offer the best content. And not because search engine robots check whether they meet their targets.