Cliqz Browser has been updated.

What's new

With the latest update 1.26.0 your Cliqz Browser has gained some new and improved features. Scroll down for a brief overview.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes

Easily check add-on permissions

Use your favorite add-ons in your Cliqz Browser! But keep in mind that extensions can also pose risks and slow down your browser. For more transparency, Cliqz now shows you all the permissions that installed add-ons require. Learn more

Discover add-ons

Enjoy the dark theme

The dark browser theme is pleasant for your eyes – and it looks awesome! Now you can easily switch between the light and dark theme in the Cliqz Tab settings. Learn more

Block annoying autoplay content

Have you ever opened a webpage and wondered where all this noise suddenly came from? With the latest Cliqz update, you can now block autoplaying audio & video by default. For services like YouTube or Netflix you can define exceptions.

Keep your private browsing private

You can now define which browser extensions are allowed to run in Forget Mode and which are not. By default, any new extensions you add to Cliqz won’t run in private mode to prevent them from accessing your online activities. But you can manually allow add-ons to run in Forget Mode.

Ready for enterprise use

Cliqz is now available for enterprises. Installation packages help system administrators to customize and deploy the Cliqz Browser in enterprise environments. Using policy templates for Windows and Mac, administrators can easily set up policies. Learn more

Always browse fast and securely with Cliqz

Make Cliqz your default browser on all your devices (if you haven’t already) to take full advantage of its built-in privacy and security features at all times! Learn more

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in web privacy

Learn about tracking technologies and data-sharing on the web

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. Our support team is always happy to help.

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