Make Cliqz Your Default Browser for Fast and Secure Browsing

Your security and privacy on the web depend largely on your browser. Set Cliqz as your default browser and take full advantage of its privacy and security features at all times, including highly efficient phishing protection.

Default browser Cliqz

Björn GreifEditor

When you click links in places like email messages, documents and other apps, the linked web pages and content automatically open in the browser you set as your default. The default browser you choose therefore determines how safe you are on the Internet.

Make Cliqz your default browser now! This is the only way to take full advantage of all built-in privacy and security features.

The Cliqz Browser’s anti-phishing feature detects up to four times more phishing attempts than Google Safe Browsing and works considerably faster. For example, when you open a potentially dangerous website by clicking a link in a scam mail, the Cliqz Browser will display a warning. However, this only works if you set Cliqz as your default browser.

This is also a prerequisite for permanent privacy protection provided by Cliqz’s anti-tracking technology. It prevents trackers from tracking your online activities and spying on your browsing behavior. Other benefits of Cliqz include a built-in ad blocker, an anonymous quick search engine, encrypted website connections by default (HTTPS Everywhere), a video downloader, and much more.

Install Cliqz and Make It Your Default

After downloading and installing the free Cliqz Browser on Windows, Mac or Android, you should configure your system to automatically open links in Cliqz. Just follow our step-by-step guides:

What About iOS?

Cliqz is of course also available free of charge for iOS. But due to Apple’s system limitations, it is not possible to change the default browser on iPhone and iPad. Links from emails or other sources are automatically opened in Apple’s Safari. You can, however, send pages from Safari to Cliqz:

  1. From Safari, tap the share icon iOS Safari Share button.
  2. Choose Cliqz as destination.
Safari: Send Link to Cliqz
  1. Confirm that you want to open the link in Cliqz.
Safari: Open link in Cliqz

If Cliqz is not listed in the share menu, tap the More button and flip the switch next to Cliqz to enable it. You can then choose Cliqz from the share menu as described above.

Enable Cliqz in Safari share menu

By forwarding pages opened in Safari to Cliqz, you can still benefit indirectly from Cliqz features such as the highly efficient phishing protection. To easily open the Cliqz Browser on iOS, it’s best to add it to your dock: Touch and hold the Cliqz app, drag it down, and release it on your dock. Finally press the Home button.

Try Cliqz as your default browser on Windows, Mac and Android. The privacy browser made in Germany always protects you against phishing attempts and activity tracking through cookies and other tracking methods. You’ll also benefit from faster page loads and lower latency thanks to the built-in ad blocker and instant search results.