Tutorial: Make Cliqz your default browser on Windows 10

This step-by-step guide describes how to set up Microsoft's latest operating system to automatically open links in the Cliqz browser.

Björn GreifEditor

Did you get a new Windows PC or did you recently install the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on your computer? Then Microsoft Edge is probably set as the default browser, since the latest major update for Microsoft’s operating system sometimes resets all settings. Our step-by-step guide explains how to set up Cliqz as your default browser on Windows 10.

  1. Open the browser settings. To do this, click on the “burger menu” (the three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner and select “Options”.
  2. In the „General“ panel, click „Make Default…”.
Browser setting: Make Cliqz default
  1. The Windows Settings app will open with the “Default apps” screen. (Alternatively, you can open the Default apps screen from the Windows 10 start menu by clicking the settings icon, selecting “Apps” and choosing “Default apps” on the left pane.)
  2. Scroll down and click the entry under “Web browser”. The icon will say either “Microsoft Edge” or “Choose your default browser”.
Default apps: Web browser
  1. The “Choose an app” dialog will open with a list of available browsers.
  2. Click on “Cliqz”.
Choose Cliqz as default app
  1. Done! You have successfully configured Cliqz as your default browser. This is also displayed in the “General” panel of the browser settings.

From now on, a website will open automatically in the Cliqz browser if you click on a link in another application.

As you type, the Cliqz browser displays the three most relevant results for your query inside a drop-down menu. Clicking on one of these links takes you straight to the respective website, and allows you to skip the step of going to a search engine results page with a long list of potential results. This works particularly well if you want to quickly visit a particular site. For deeper research you can use a complementary search engine. Our step-by-step guide “Set up a complementary search engine in Cliqz browser” explains how to do this.