More customization options: enjoy a dark theme for your Cliqz Browser

Do you often browse late during the night? Then the dark theme is just the thing for you, because it's pleasant for your eyes – and it looks awesome!

Björn GreifEditor

The Cliqz Browser for Windows and Mac now offers new ways to visually adapt it to your needs. A “dark theme” was one of the most requested features, because many users find it more pleasing to the eye. Of course, we were happy to meet this request.

Now you can switch between a light and a dark theme in the “Customize” section. The latter displays the URL bar, tab bar, toolbars, menus, and the page for customizing the browser UI in black or dark gray. Not only does the dark theme look awesome, but it’s also pleasant for your eyes when you’re browsing the web with Cliqz in a dark environment.

In the first implementation of the dark theme, the coloring of the search drop-down is not yet adjusted. We will do this in a later version.

To enable the dark theme in the Cliqz Browser, follow these steps:

  1. Open the main menu (aka hamburger menu) by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and select “Customize…”.
  2. Click on the “Themes” item at the bottom of the “Customize” pane.
  3. Select the “Dark” theme in the drop-down list.
In the
In the "Customize" screen you can choose between a light and a dark theme.

You may also turn the Cliqz blue of the tab bar on/off. You will find the corresponding option at the bottom of the “Customize” screen: Simply check or uncheck the “Blue Tab Bar” box.

You can still change the tab backgrounds in the Cliqz Tab settings. Open a new tab and click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Now you can choose your favorite background.

Enjoy safe and fast browsing with your customized Cliqz Browser. Do you have any comments, questions or requests? You can contact us at any time via our contact form. Or just shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter. We are looking forward to your feedback!