mobile pop-up ads

Combating annoying mobile pop-up ads – Here’s what to do

The aggressive ads frequently flash across users’ displays even on reputable websites. They often send these users on a detour to phishing sites that collect personal data.

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The real cost of the “free” Internet

Each time you visit a website with apparently “free” content personal data is taken from you. This valuable information is harvested and sold by digital advertisers.

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Tracking scripts pull data from password managers

According to researchers at Princeton University, the advertising industry’s new tracking method exploits a weak point of the autofill feature to track users across various websites.

Tutorial: Make Cliqz your default browser on Windows 10

This step-by-step guide describes how to set up Microsoft’s latest operating system to automatically open links in the Cliqz browser.

Meltdown and Spectre (Source: Natascha Eibl / CC0 1.0)

Meltdown and Spectre: processor security flaws affect billions of devices

Almost all Intel chips of the last decade are vulnerable to “Meltdown”. “Spectre” affects virtually all computers, cloud servers and smartphones with modern processors.

New Video Downloader

Downloading videos to your mobile device via Connect just got easier

We improved the Connect features built into the Cliqz Browser. The Video Downloader got a new interface with additional features.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.17.2 (57.0.2+1.23.0)

This release comes with a new background image for Cliqz Tab, an improved Video Downloader, an update to Firefox 57.0.2 and more.


Facebook accused of abusive data collection by Bundeskartellamt

According to a legal assessment by the German regulator, the social network is abusing its dominant position by collecting user data from third-party sources. Facebook disagrees.

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A blow to the open Internet: net neutrality repealed in the United States

The regulatory agency FCC voted to drop the previous net neutrality rules despite massive protests. Critics now fear that a two-class Internet will arise.

Cliqz for Android 1.6.0

Cliqz for Android and iOS: more performance and convenience functions

Under-the-hood optimizations improve responsiveness and stability. Users can also enjoy improved usability and additional news on Cliqz Tab.

spies beneath the christmas tree

Spies beneath the Christmas tree: holiday shoppers must be on guard

Internet-enabled toys and smart home devices are popular Christmas gifts. But beware: Such products often endanger privacy.

Ghostery Report - Tracking the Trackers

Infographic: Tracking the Trackers

The infographic summarizes the most important findings of the international “Tracking the Trackers” study by Cliqz and Ghostery.

Report: Tracking the Trackers

The “Tracking the Trackers” study by Cliqz and Ghostery reveals that 8 out of 10 websites spy on you. Take action and protect yourself.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.17.1 (57.0.1+1.22.2)

Cliqz 1.17.1 is based on the fastest version of Firefox yet and introduces a list of major enhancements to make your browsing experience better.

Cliqz 1.17 based on Firefox Quantum

Faster, safer, slicker: Cliqz 1.17 based on Firefox Quantum now available

A new technology framework provides more performance on lower memory usage. User interface and security have also been improved.

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Session replay scripts video record your activity as you browse a website

Princeton researchers have discovered tracking scripts on hundreds of websites that record, in real time, your keystrokes, mouse movements, and scroll action.

Der Cliqz-Werbeblocker stoppt auch Mining-Skripte (Bild: iStock)

Cliqz Browser protects against stealthy cryptocurrency mining

The built-in ad blocker prevents websites from abusing your computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency in the background without your knowledge. Find out where you’re being tracked on the web

Part two of our blog series about explains how you can easily check, how many and which trackers are active on a particular website. Find out who’s spying on you on the web

In a two-part blog series, we introduce the website – the first transparency tool for online-tracking on the web.

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Techblog: How Human Web reliably removes any UIDs

Our second Techblog post about Human Web explains how we ensure that no user identifier (UID) or other private information is stored on Cliqz’s servers.

Human Web (Bild: iStock / DigtialStorm)

Techblog: Human Web – data protection when building web statistics

The Human Web proves that it is possible to collect statistical data without endangering the users’ anonymity and privacy. This post explains how it works.

Tutorial: Automatically delete private data on exiting Cliqz for Android

In order for the automatic deletion of private data to work, the browser must be terminated properly. We explain how to do it.

Press release: Cliqz on the Huawei AppStore

Cliqz GmbH a Huawei partner, today announced that it will participate in HUAWEI ECO-CONNECT EUROPE 2017, October 26-27 in Berlin. The German software company backed by Hubert Burda Media and Mozilla...

KRACK betrifft praktisch alle WLAN-fähigen Geräte.

KRACK: Wi-Fi security flaw affects virtually all devices – Here’s what to do

A new method of attack known as KRACK allows hackers to intercept and manipulate Wi-Fi data traffic. We explain how you can protect yourself.

Blue Cliqz Browser

Blue is beautiful: More customization options in Cliqz Browser

Cliqz now has a blue tab bar and a beautiful panorama of the Alps as background image. Of course, you can change these default settings at any time.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.16.0 (56.0.1+1.21.0)

With this release Cliqz gets a new blue tab bar and a beautiful panorama of the Alps as a background image. Find out more about this and other improvements we have made.

Windows 10 Wallpaper (Bild: Microsoft)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: more transparent data collection

The Fall Creators Update displays more privacy information during the setup process. Apps will ask for permission to access your camera or calendar.

Speed-Test-Video Cliqz für Android

Speed test: Cliqz for Android outpaces Chrome

As the test video shows, Cliqz Browser loads web pages on an Android smartphone twice as fast as Google’s Chrome.

MyOffrz-Technologie im Detail

MyOffrz – Part 3: How does the tech behind MyOffrz actually work?

The third part of our blog series explains how the MyOffrz technology identifies potential purchase intent and determines the relevance of offers without sending private data.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.15.1 (55.0.3+1.20.0)

This minor update to version 1.15.1 fixes some bugs with bookmarks import, History interface, custom start page and Cliqz Tab.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.15.0 (55.0.3+1.19.0)

This release introduces several improvements to our browser. Among others, we merged with Firefox’s version 55.0.3, updated to the latest versions of HTTPS Everywhere and LastPass and implemented a...

MyOffrz vereint zielgerichtete Angebote und Privatsphäre (Bild: iStock / CarlosAndreSantos).

MyOffrz – Part 2: Targeted offers and privacy are not a contradiction in terms

The second part of our blog series on MyOffrz explains how we display useful offers in your browser without compromising your privacy.

With Cliqz's Video Downloader, you can just download the audio track of a YouTube video and save it as audio file. will shut down: Cliqz offers an alternative

Forget stream ripping services! With the built-in Video Downloader of Cliqz Browser, you can save the audio track of a YouTube video as audio file.

MyOffrz Smartsurfer (Bild: iStock / nensuria)

MyOffrz – Part 1: Browse smarter with maximum privacy

We are presenting our MyOffrz business model in detail in a multi-part blog series. Part 1 explains the many benefits you as a user can enjoy.

Cliqz for Mobile: Send tabs, scan QR codes, download YouTube videos

New features for Android and iPhone users! Cliqz for iOS now supports Connect. On Android, the pairing feature allows bidirectional data exchange between your mobile device and Desktop PC. Other...

Cliqz Tab is now faster and configurable

The new Cliqz Tab comes with comprehensive configuration options, including a choice of backgrounds.

net neutrality (Source: Hugh D'Andrade / EFF, CC BY 2.0)

Save net neutrality: Internet-wide day of action

The joint message of hundreds of participating organizations to the FCC and Congress is: “Don’t mess with the Internet!”

Cliqz for iOS

Cliqz for iOS now available worldwide

With Cliqz for iOS you can browse the Web fast, securely and anonymously. Anti-tracking, anti-phishing and anonymous quick search protect your privacy.

Press release: New version of the Cliqz desktop browser

Cliqz GmbH has released a new version of the Cliqz browser for Windows and Mac OS, with the aim of making it easier to find and retrieve websites and information. The most noteworthy update is the new...

Techblog: A new Face for Cliqz Quick Search

We redesigned the search UI from ground up, to make it cleaner, simpler, and even faster. Learn more about the design process that we used to change our product’s face.

New Cliqz UI on Laptop

Cliqz for Desktop: New design for a better overview

In collaboration with Mozilla, we completely redesigned our quick search UI. You will now be able to see even more information without scrolling.

Mozilla Global Sprint 2017: Hackathon for an open web

Cliqz is hosting a site at Munich for the two-day community event. The privacy-focused browser company itself is represented with three open source projects.

(Bild: Google / iStock)

Google uses credit-card data to track offline purchases

The Internet giant is linking the data it collects with credit-card transactions. It can then tell advertisers exactly which ads lead to actual purchases.

Cliqz Connect: Send tabs and videos from desktop to mobile

Our pairing feature does not require a user account and no data is routed through external servers. We explain step-by-step how to set up and use Connect.

Cliqz introduces Connect and mobile query suggestions

The new features are now available to all Cliqz for Android users. Additionally, users benefit from an improved tab overview.

Tutorial: Import bookmarks into Cliqz browser

Importing bookmarks takes just a few clicks using the integrated assistant. In some cases you first need to manually export the bookmarks from the other browser. We show you how this is done.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.12.0

Time for some spring cleaning! We completed a long list of stabilization and optimization tasks during the last weeks. In addition, we prepared for the first cross-device features for Cliqz.

US-ISPs allowed to sell browsing history: How to protect your private data

On Monday, President Trump’s signature finally nullified the privacy rules for Internet Service Providers. Now ISPs can sell users’ data without seeking prior consent.

Why does Cliqz not allow third party add-ons?

Many browser extensions out there use questionable practices in terms of data protection. Therefore, Cliqz integrates add-ons only after strict review.

Avira Scout with Cliqz's quick search

Cliqz and Avira: partners for secure web browsing

Avira’s Browser Scout integrates Cliqz’s quick search. The distribution partnership will help Cliqz, to grow and make its products more widely available.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.11.0

Download YouTube videos to your computer, control trackers on websites with the Ghostery add-on, get search results for the United States or for France – this release contains great new features...

Tutorial: Set up a complementary search engine in Cliqz browser

As an addition to the built-in quick search you can use a complementary search engine in the Cliqz browser. This tutorial explains how to do this.

Ghostery Logo

Tutorial: Install the Ghostery add-on in the Cliqz browser

The Ghostery anti-tracking tool is now part of Cliqz. In this tutorial we show you how easy you can activate Ghostery in Cliqz for desktop.

Press release: Cliqz acquires Ghostery

Cliqz has acquired Ghostery’s consumer operations, which includes the popular brand, anti-tracking browser extensions and mobile apps, user-base and team. By combining algorithmic and blocklist...

Cliqz and Ghostery join forces to defend your privacy

We were always brothers in arms but now finally Ghostery joins Cliqz officially. Together we will create a better and more sustainable Internet experience for our users.

Cliqz Video Downloader

Download YouTube videos in the Cliqz browser

Now you can download YouTube videos within Cliqz browser to view them offline. The audio track can be saved as a separate audio file.

Mo Data Mo Problems (Bild: Cliqz)

„Mo‘ Data Mo‘ Problems“: Cliqz and Mozilla talk about data privacy

What has today’s online landscape to do with unsafe US cars and data with Frankenstein’s Monster? Answers to these questions were presented at a meetup in Munich.

Android component WebView is causing problems – update now!

If the installed WebView version is outdated, Cliqz for Android displays false certificate warnings and does not recognize touch inputs correctly. An update solves these issues.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.10.0

This update finally brings the new multi-process architecture to all Cliqz users, as well as many other enhancements and fixes.

Cliqz mit Electrolysis (Bild: iStock/ SkyClick)

Cliqz is now even faster and more stable

This is due to the newly implemented multi-process architecture Electrolysis. The browser’s user interface and web content run in separate processes.

Techblog: How We at Cliqz Protect Users from Web Tracking

In this second Techblog post we describe how we can block tracking behaviour, and specifically how Cliqz Anti-tracking achieves this.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.9.1

This release includes Firefox 50.1.0, a security update with multiple important fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.9.0

Multiple updates were released for Cliqz for Desktop during the last days. As usual they were rolled out gradually to all users. Among others, we merged with Firefox’s version 50.0.2, updated to the...

(Bild: / Vladimir Kudinov)

Techblog: How Facebook knows exactly what turns you on

In this Techblog post we describe how online tracking companies collect user browsing histories and build user profiles.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.8.0

This new version includes a great number of enhancements and fixes. In addition to the following changes, multiple security updates were implemented.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.7.0

Multiple major enhancements will be introduced with this new update – a new Control Center for privacy, security and search functions, a new browser interface design, breaking news, and much more....

Press release: Cliqz for Android 1.0

The Munich-based Cliqz GmbH has just released the 1.0 version of its mobile browser, an Android app that features integrated quick-search and data-protection functions. In developing the app, the...

Press Release: Mozilla invests in Cliqz

Mountain View, CA, and Munich, Germany; 23 August 2016: Mozilla today announced a strategic investment in Cliqz GmbH to enable innovation of privacy-focused search experiences. Cliqz is headquartered...

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.6.1

This Cliqz release includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest version 48.0.1. It contains several stability fixes.

Burda Cliqz Camp: IT and Integration

Learning and working together: Nine young and talented refugees participated in a 4-week IT training course taught by IT-experts from Cliqz (which is majority-owned by Hubert Burda Media).

Cliqzcamp: Big Data for Newcomers

Cliqzcamp is a 4-week intensive program for newcomers who had to flee from their home country to seek refuge in Germany. The camp aims to developing and strengthening the technical profile of IT...

Press Release: Cliqz Goes Open Source

• • • Munich, Germany; June 9, 2016: The vendor of integrated browser and search applications Cliqz GmbH ( has published its software code on The...

Cliqz for Android is now Open Source!

Originally based on Anthony Restaino’s Lightning Browser project, we built Cliqz for Android, our mobile browser with integrated Cliqz search.

It’s Time for Change

What’s your new year’s resolution? We at Cliqz have ambitious plans – nothing less than to help bringing the Internet back on the right track.

Press Release: Cliqz study reveals how tracking threatens privacy

• • • Munich, 8 March 2016: Tracking is widespread on the Internet. In September 2015, the Munich-based company Cliqz GmbH, a provider of Internet browsers with integrated search and data...

Press Release: Cliqz – the browser innovation with integrated quick search and anti-tracking

• • • Munich, 8 March 2016: Today, the Munich-based start-up Cliqz presents Version 1.0 of its browser of the same name for Windows and Mac. For the first time ever, Cliqz integrates search...

Cliqz Anti-Tracking

With the Integration of our search machine into our browser, we have successfully reinvented web-navigation: our direct fast-search replaces the out of date ‘classic’ search by bypassing the...

Cliqz Tab

Cliqz’s new browser start page offers quick web search, direct links and latest news for you.

Cliqz GmbH Profile

Cliqz was set up with a view to combining the browser and the search and thus redesigning the Internet user interface. More than 100 experts from over 30 countries develop innovative software designed...

Managing Directors of Cliqz

Short CVs of the General Mangers of the Cliqz GmbH: Jean-Paul Schmetz (Founder), Marc Al-Hames

Cliqz’s first major open source contribution: Keyvi, the key value index

Keyvi – the short form for “Key value index” – defines a special subtype of the popular key value store (KVS) technologies. As you can imagine from the name, keyvi is an...

Freedom to really innovate

JP already covered this in his “We redesign the Internet” blog post. At Cliqz, we’re really reinventing the web. We’ve already developed a whole range of entirely new technologies. Our ability...

10 Facts about Cliqz for Firefox

Numbercrunching: This infographic shows the big numbers behind a small extension.

10 innovations for a new Internet

The Cliqz team developed a number of innovations to redesign the Internet. This infographic shows the ten most important ones.

We redesign the Internet

Today is an important day for us: We are launching a new version of Cliqz for Firefox. Our users have helped us with their feedback and input to bring the direct, fast, and smart way of navigating the...

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