Farewell from Cliqz

The Cliqz story as we know it is over, but it was worth the ride.

Corona app

Corona App: What’s the Difference Between Tracking and Tracing?

In discussions about a Corona app, the terms are often used synonymously, although they mean different things. We explain the differences and how the app is supposed to work in Germany.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.35.0 (75.0+1.45.1)

Cliqz Browser release 1.35.0 includes most improvements of Firefox’s latest version 75.0 with additional Cliqz improvements and bug fixes.

Cliqz Search Engine settings

How to Customize Your Cliqz Search Engine

The customization options of the beta version range from search results for different countries, safe search filters and widgets to the latest news in several languages.

Cliqz Search Homepage

Cliqz Search: The Independent Alternative to Google and Bing

Thanks to its independent index, the private Cliqz Search Engine is not dependent on results from the US search giants. A beta version is available for testing. We introduce the main features.

Phone Hygiene: How to Keep Your Phone Germ-Free and Clean

We give basic advice on cleaning your cell phone and more advanced tips on how to get rid of even the toughest germs.

Covid-19/Coronavirus Phishing-Mails

COVID-19 Phishing Mails: Scammers Try to Capitalize on Coronavirus Fear

Numerous coronavirus phishing mails in circulation aim to spread malware and steal personal data. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.34.1 (74.0.1+1.44.1)

Cliqz Browser release 1.34.1 includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest versions 74.0 and 74.0.1 with additional Cliqz improvements and bug fixes.

Data vs. Privacy in the times of COVID-19

Tech @ Cliqz: Data vs. Privacy in the time of COVID-19

How can we protect fundamental rights amidst fear and uncertainty? Cliqz developers propose an architecture that combines epidemiological data collection with privacy.

coronavirus covid-19

Get the Latest Info on Coronavirus in the Cliqz Search Engine

In addition to the latest news on coronavirus and COVID-19, you’ll find a new knowledge box with emergency numbers and links to official info pages, FAQs and statistics on...

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.33.0 (73.0.1+1.43.0)

Cliqz Browser release 1.33.0 includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest version 73.0.1 with additional Cliqz improvements and bug fixes.

Five Steps for Protecting Your Personal Data Online

By taking just a few steps, you can ensure that your personal information stays private and stop companies from profiling and targeting you.

Alternative Search Engines: Does Independence Remain Just an Illusion?

DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and Co. are de facto dependent on Google’s or Bing’s search index and ad network. Cliqz is building a truly independent alternative.

Cliqz joins FairSearch

FairSearch: Joining Forces Against Google’s Market Dominance

Cliqz has joined the interest group FairSearch that promotes innovation, transparency and choice across the Internet ecosystem by fostering and defending fair competition.

How to Create Strong Passwords That You Can Easily Remember

Many users out there are still using passwords like “123456” that are easy to hack. We provide you with tips on how to create better alternatives and properly manage your login credentials.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.32.0 (72.0.1+1.42.0)

Cliqz Browser release 1.32.0 includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest versions 71.0 and 72.0.1 with additional Cliqz improvements and bug fixes.

Icons by Freepik, Egor Rumyantsev www.flaticon.com

Facebook Privacy Settings: How to Share as Little Data as Possible

There is of course no complete privacy on Facebook. But with our tips, you can keep your profile from revealing too much information about you.

Instagram Privacy Settings That You Should Adjust

Even if Instagram is about sharing photos and videos, you should check your privacy settings to minimize the amount of personal information you share.


Ungoogle Yourself: Interesting Alternatives to Google Products

You want to escape Google’s prying eyes? We present some great alternatives to Chrome, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Play Store and Android OS.

Delete Facebook

How to Delete or Deactivate Your Facebook Account

We explain step by step how you can permanently delete your data stored with Facebook or temporarily suspend your account.

How to Securely Erase Data From Your Phone or Laptop

Quick formatting the hard drive or a doing a factory reset is often not sufficient, because the data can then be recovered pretty easily. We’ll explain how to do it right.

Cliqz for iOS 3.1.0

Cliqz for iOS 3.1.0 – Browse Even Faster and Safer

The latest update focuses on improving search and privacy: New features include the Automatic Forget Mode and Smart Cliqz results for weather and news.

Our Journey Towards Building an Independent Search Engine

In our new tech blog “Tech @ Cliqz”, you can learn more about how our beta search engine works. In this post we’ll give you a brief history of our search efforts.

Weihnachtsgeschenke / Christmas gifts

Spies Beneath the Christmas Tree: Holiday Shoppers Must Be on Guard

Connected devices and smart home products are popular Christmas gifts. But beware: Such products often endanger the user’s privacy.

Cliqz Search as an Onion Service

Cliqz Search as an Onion Service

We launched a beta version of our fast and independent search engine and are now making it available as an onion service as well.

Tech @ Cliqz: The World Needs More Search Engines

In our new tech blog “Tech @ Cliqz”, we give insights on how to build a competitive and independent search engine from the ground up with privacy by design.

Cliqz for iOS 3.0.0

Cliqz for iOS 3.0.0 – The Effortless Browsing Experience

The latest update includes enhanced quick search, a new privacy dashboard, an optimized UI, dark mode and iPad support as well as performance improvements.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.30.0 (70.0.1+1.40.1)

Cliqz Browser release 1.30.0 includes all changes of Firefox’s latest version 70 with additional Cliqz improvements and bug fixes.

Cookie Pop-up Blocker: Cliqz Automatically Denies Consent Requests

The latest Cliqz Browser for Windows and Mac removes cookie pop-ups on websites and automatically denies consent requests for data collection if possible.

The Brutal Capitalism of US Digital Companies

With anti-competitive domination of entire value chains and ruthless tax avoidance, Google, Apple and Co. are skimming off billions in profits from Europe.

Cliqz Developers Revolutionize Ad Blocker Architecture

A server-based approach drastically reduces start time and memory usage. A new update mechanism significantly lowers data usage.

Google AdSense: A Systematic Vicious Circle

By abusing its dominant position to eliminate competitors, Google made websites dependent on its AdSense advertising platform.


How Google Abuses Its Market Power

Just one example of many: With a simple technical change, Google wants to make all browser extensions unusable that hinder its advertising business.

Google toys with the EU

Android Choice Screen: Google Is Toying With the EU

Google wants to charge alternative search providers to be the Android default in Europe. Thus, the Internet giant disregards the EU’s clear political will.

Major Update: Cliqz for iOS Gets Even Faster and Safer

A new code base improves performance and privacy protection. A redesigned user interface provides a more modern look and feel.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.28.0 (68.0.1+1.38.1)

Cliqz Browser release 1.28.0 includes all changes of Firefox’s latest version 68 with additional Cliqz improvements and bug fixes.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.27.0 (67.0+1.37.0)

Cliqz Browser release 1.27.0 includes all changes of Firefox 67.0. You can now block annoying autoplay content and define which add-ons are allowed to run in Forget Mode.

Cliqz Add-ons

Hotfix Solves Add-On Issues in Cliqz for Windows and Mac

An issue with add-on signing prevented existing and new add-ons from running or being installed. An automatically rolled out update fixes the problem.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.26.0 (66.0.2+1.35.1)

Cliqz Browser release 1.26.0 includes all changes of Firefox’s latest version 66.0.2 and you can now easily check add-on permissions.

Add-on permissions

Cliqz for Windows and Mac Now Lets You Easily Check Add-On Permissions

You can now view the permissions of installed extensions in Add-ons Management. This way you can see immediately which settings and data they are allowed to access.

Browser Choice Screen for Android Must Offer Real Alternatives

If there are only sham alternatives to choose from, that use Google technology and are financed by Google advertising, Google will benefit again in the end.

How to Erase Yourself From the Internet

We explain how you can reduce your digital footprint by deleting your Google or Facebook account and having search results, forum entries, and blog posts removed.

Ad trackers on government websites

Ad Trackers Monitor Citizens on 89% of All EU Government Websites

According to an analysis by Cookiebot, there are up to 52 tracking scripts per page. The biggest data collector in this area is again Google.

press release

Statement: EU forces Google to offer browser selection window on Android devices

Opportunity for truly independent providers or on the way to a US duopoly?

Delete Google account

How to Delete Your Google Account or a Google Service

We explain step by step how you can delete a service like Gmail or YouTube from your account or get rid of your entire Google account.

Default browser Cliqz

Make Cliqz Your Default Browser for Fast and Secure Browsing

Set Cliqz as your default browser and take full advantage of its privacy and security features at all times, including highly efficient phishing protection.

Default browser Android

Tutorial: Make Cliqz Your Default Browser on Android

This step-by-step guide describes how to setup Google’s mobile operating system to automatically open links in the Cliqz Browser.

Default browser Mac

Tutorial: Make Cliqz Your Default Browser on Mac

This step-by-step guide describes how to setup Apple’s operating system to automatically open links in the Cliqz Browser.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.25.2 (65.0.1+1.33.0)

Cliqz Browser release 1.25.2 includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest version 65.0.1. A new notification box on Cliqz Tab informs users about important product news.


Google Partly Backtracks on Ad Blocker Modifications for Chrome

After harsh criticism, the planned API changes to Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, which would have virtually killed off external ad and tracking blockers, will not come – for the time being.

Add-ons für mehr Komfort

10 Popular Add-ons for More Convenient Browsing

Add useful functions to your Cliqz Browser! The featured add-ons make it easy to block cookie consent notices, translate web pages, get discounts, and more.

Bundeskartellamt vs Facebook

Germany Prohibits Facebook From Collecting User Data on Third-Party Sites

According to the German antitrust office, the company abuses its dominant market position and violates European data protection rules. Facebook disagrees.

Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection: The Default Browser Is Critical

Scammers are always trying to steal credentials from unsuspecting Internet users. Make Cliqz your default browser to protect yourself from phishing scams!

Zuckerberg’s “Facts About Facebook” – the Peak of Hypocrisy

In a guest article, the Facebook CEO defends the data collection and claims that users now have more control. His statements, however, show that he does not understand the basic problem.


Will Google Block Ad Blockers and Privacy Extensions?

Proposed changes to Chrome and Chromium-based browsers would virtually kill off external ad blockers and privacy tools – to the disadvantage of all users.

Sheryl Sandberg DLD Munich 19 (Source: Picture Alliance for DLD)

DLD: Facebook COO Talks About Change – but Data Collection Continues

We are not the same company as we were a year ago, Sheryl Sandberg assured at the DLD in Munich. In terms of tracking and data collection, however, nothing has changed for the better at Facebook.

privacy add-ons

10 Browser Add-ons for Better Security and Privacy

Upgrade your Cliqz Browser with useful additional functions! The featured add-ons simplify the management of passwords, identities, permissions, and more.

Preparing for when we all turn evil

Preparing for When We All Turn Evil

In an interview with Sifted, Cliqz CEO Marc Al-Hames explains how Cliqz deals with data trust issues by avoiding data altogether.

Securing Your iPhone in 10 Simple Steps

With our ten useful tips, you can quickly and easily protect your iPhone and the data stored on it from unauthorized access.

How to Secure Your New Android Phone

We’ll give you ten useful tips on how to easily protect your device and the data stored on it from unauthorized access.

Cliqz Now Allows Add-ons

Use your favorite extensions from the Firefox Add-ons Store in the Cliqz Browser. Note, however, that there are always risks associated with add-ons.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.24.0 (64.0+1.32.4)

This release includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest version 64.0. From now on you can also install your favorite extensions in the Cliqz Browser.

The biggest privacy & security scandals of 2018

Unfortunately, there was again plenty of reason to worry about data protection this year. We look back on the biggest issues.

Cliqz for Windows and Mac now displays privacy statistics

On Cliqz Tab you can now see at a glance how much tracking data has been anonymized and how many ads have been blocked. Also find out how much time Cliqz saves you.

Trackers who steal

Credit card theft through tracking scripts: How to protect yourself

Hackers manipulate third-party tracking scripts to steal payment information from millions of consumers. Cliqz and Ghostery block these scripts.

Kubeflow Machine Learning

Why Kubeflow in your Infrastructure?

We at Cliqz are currently evaluating Kubeflow as a general alternative to our custom machine learning workflow. Learn more about our initial assessments.

Two Faces of Big Data

„Mo‘ Data Mo‘ Problems“: The Two Faces of Big Data

Big Data analysis requires optimized technical solutions, but also the human component. At a meetup in Munich, the tech community gained insights into both sides.

Internet safety tips

10 Tips for Better Internet Safety

With just following some simple rules you can stay safe online and better protect your personal data on the Web. Here’s what to do.

Government websites leak data to trackers

Government websites leak data to Google & Co.

Many European and US government websites contain third-party trackers that collect metadata about citizens. This is revealed by an analysis by WhoTracks.me.

Google+ data leak: just the tip of the iceberg?

The most intimate data about you is stored on Google’s servers. As the recent scandal has shown, there is no 100% security at Google either.

Study: Google Is the Biggest Beneficiary of the GDPR

Although the total number of trackers has decreased since the GDPR came into effect, a few large tracking operators such as Google receive even more user data.

Press Release: Cliqz launches re:consent to create transparency about data sharing

Cliqz presented re:consent, a tool that let’s you see the data collection you (probably unwittingly) allowed and enables you to easily review and revoke consent.

How to fix the third-party cookie mistake

The final part of our blog series explains how Cliqz and Ghostery are defusing the privacy issues of third-party cookies by blocking them, while preventing site breakage.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.22.0 (62.0+1.30.2)

This release includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest version 62.0. It also integrates the transparency tool “re:consent”.

Disabling third-party cookies causes privacy issues on Microsoft’s Office.com

When third-party cookies are blocked, several sites and services, including those from Microsoft and Google, fail badly and may even leak private data.

re:consent gives you more privacy control on the web

The open source tool shows you which data collection purposes you have (unwittingly) agreed to on websites such as Google or Facebook. You can then change the settings quickly and easily.

third-party cookie mistake part1

How ‘allow all cookies’ became the default

The first part of our blog series explains why most major browsers allow all cookies, even though third-party cookies are the cause of multiple privacy and security issues on the web.

Watching Porn on the Web – Pleasure for Some, Work for Others

We explain the effort Cliqz makes as a search engine to provide relevant results for specific search queries and to offer effective youth protection. Also learn about the “Porn Mode”.

Local Sheriff Logo

Lufthansa data leak: What a single URL can reveal about you

Anyone who knows the URL of a Lufthansa booking details page can view, change or delete all the data listed there, including personal information up to passport numbers.

Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns: How UX design tricks you into giving away your privacy

What are dark patterns and what do they have to do with your online privacy? Learn more about how UX design might influence your actions.

How to Keep Your Phone Secure While Traveling

We explain what you should be aware of during your trip and what to do if your device gets lost or stolen. Give yourself peace of mind when you’re on holiday by following our tips.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.21.2 (61.0.2+1.28.4)

This release includes a few enhancement and fixes. Among others, Cliqz for Windows is automatically switched to 64-bit version.

Cliqz for Windows is automatically switched to 64-bit version

As announced in mid-February, all users of the 32-bit version will now receive an upgrade to the faster and more stable 64-bit version.

Always up to date with the new Top News Smart Cliqz

Cliqz for Windows and Mac now displays the latest top news directly below the address bar if you search for “news”. This lets you always be on top of the news.

Why consumer privacy laws should be de facto across America

Consumers are rightfully demanding more control and privacy of their data and it’s time our nation steps it up, says Ghostery’s Director of Product Jeremy Tillman.

EU fines Google a record €4.34 bn for Android antitrust violations

Google abused its dominant market position, among other things, by requiring Android device manufacturers to pre-install the Chrome browser and the Google Search app.

MyOffrz: Marketing innovation combines targeting and privacy

MyOffrz shifts the storage and processing of browsing data from the server side to the client side. Cliqz thus offers a privacy-friendly alternative to conventional advertising models.

Press Release: Cliqz introduces MyOffrz, a completely new form of advertising

Today the German software start-up Cliqz GmbH, a joint investment of Hubert Burda Media and Mozilla presented MyOffrz, an ad tech innovation that combines addressing individual consumers with concrete...

More customization options: enjoy a dark theme for your Cliqz Browser

Do you often browse late during the night? Then the dark theme is just the thing for you, because it’s pleasant for your eyes – and it looks awesome!

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.21.1 (61.0.1+1.28.3)

Cliqz Browser release 1.21.0 includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest versions 61.0 and 61.0.1. It also brings a dark theme and a few fixes.

Why the world needs Cliqz

Why is it important and how is it possible to change the way data is collected from users? Answers were provided by Cliqz at a Meetup in Munich.

How easily you can be identified by publicly available Twitter metadata

British researchers were able to identify 1 user in a group of 10,000 with an accuracy of 96.7 % by just analyzing metadata. The data itself is freely accessible via an API.

After Gmail controversy: How to revoke app access to your Google account

If you grant a third-party app access to Gmail, you must expect the developer’s staff to read your private messages. Check access rights now!

Browser extensions: Why they are a security nightmare and how to protect yourself

Browser extensions often have access to all your online activities and fraudsters keep trying to exploit this fact. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether and which add-ons you use.

Twitter Privacy Settings You Need to Change

Twitter collects a lot of data about you and even shares some information with third parties. Learn what privacy settings you need to change to protect yourself.

Annoyed by cookie consent notices? There is a method behind it!

After GDPR came into effect on May 25th, website owners have deployed complex mechanisms, trying to get users to consent to being tracked on their sites.

Net neutrality is dead, but clean and fast web browsing is still possible

While the ultimate impact of the loss of net neutrality is still to be determined, tools like Ghostery or Cliqz ensure optimal website performance.

World Cup fever? Cliqz treats you with all match info of the FIFA World Cup

The World Cup widget in the Cliqz Browser gives you a quick overview of kick-off times and (live) results. This way you are always up to date, whether at home, in the office or on the go.

Cliqz makes you a World Cup expert: fun facts about FIFA World Cup 2018

You want to impress family, friends or colleagues with your football expertise? No problem: We gathered interesting and curious facts about the World Cup in Russia.

Logo: Bitwarden

Password manager Bitwarden now available in Cliqz Browser

Bitwarden is open source and offers similar functionality as LastPass. We have audited the add-on before integrating it into our browser.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.20.0 (60.0.1+1.27.2)

Cliqz Browser release 1.20.0 includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest versions 60.0 and 60.0.1. It also contains a few minor enhancements and fixes.

Icons by Skyclick www.flaticon.com

Letter to Facebook – What do you know about me?

GDPR grants EU citizens the right to request information on whether personal data concerning them is being processed. A Cliqz employee made use of this right and sent a request for information to...

Icons by Smashicons, Freepik, Vectors Market www.flaticon.com

How to GDPR yourself

We provide a list of the top 10 things you can do today, in the spirit of the new General Data Protection Regulation, to protect your personal data – even if you live outside the European Union....

EU hearing: Zuckerberg gives no answer regarding shadow profiles

As before in the US Congress, the Facebook CEO avoided the most important question of whether Facebook also collects and stores data about non-members. Instead, he again cited security purposes.

Open letter to MEPs: The most crucial question to ask Mark Zuckerberg

Cliqz suggests the MEPs to ask the Facebook CEO directly about shadow profiles and Off-Facebook browsing data collected from non-Facebook users.

Cliqz quick search ES IT UK (Icons by Freepik www.flaticon.com)

Cliqz quick search available for more countries

Our own search engine now also provides results for Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. This brings the number of supported countries to six.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.19.2 (59.0.3+1.27.0)

Spring is here and yes, we’ve done some good cleaning (and fixing). Here are some of the changes brought to you with version 1.27.0 of the Cliqz Extension.

Does Google circumvent Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention?

WhoTracks.me observed a shift in traffic from Google’s European search results pages towards google.com in April. It seems to be Google’s attempt to keep their tracking cookies.

Facebook’s Clear History won’t solve the problem of shadow profiles

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can’t view or delete the data collected about you on websites and in apps, nor disable tracking. Cliqz considers this a violation of the GDPR.

(Icon: Microsoft)

Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Diagnostic Data Viewer improves transparency

All telemetry data transmitted from the operating system to Microsoft can now be viewed and searched. However, users still cannot turn off data collection.

(Icon by Freepik www.flaticon.com)

Techblog: How the Cliqz search results are compiled

The mixer is the part of the search engine that mixes the most relevant data from different sources and presents it to the user as search results.

Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg: „Stop lying!”

The Facebook CEO claims to know nothing about shadow profiles. We at Cliqz consider this statement to be not very credible and ask him to respect everyone’s privacy in an open letter.

(Icons by DinosoftLabs www.flaticons.com)

Third-party trackers misuse Facebook Login to collect user data

Princeton researchers have identified several tracking scripts that abuse the social login system to access Facebook users’ profile information. These data include user ID, email and user name.

Icons by Freepik, Pixel Buddha www.flaticon.com

Report: Have publishers banned Facebook trackers from their pages after the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

Data scientists from Ghostery and Cliqz examined the prevalence of Facebook’s tracking scripts on the five largest US news sites. The results are sobering.

Facebook-Alternativen (Icons by Smashicons, Freepik www.flaticon.com)

Safer Alternatives to Facebook

We are presenting three social networks, Diaspora, MeWe and Minds, which protect users’ privacy to a far greater extent than Facebook does.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.19.1 (59.0.2+1.26.1)

This release comes with a variety of tweaks and fixes. Among others, we’ve included some enhancements for added privacy and security.

Icons by Freepik, Vectors Market www.flaticon.com

After Cambridge Analytica scandal: How to delete your Facebook account

You want to quit Facebook? We explain step by step how to temporarily deactivate or permanently delete your account.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.19.0 (59.0.1+1.25.2)

Several improvements and fixes are introduced to the Cliqz Browser with this release. It comes with an update to Firefox 59.0.1 and an update to HTTPS Everywhere.

Incognito mode is not private at all

Did You Know That Incognito Mode Is Not Private at All?

Many people mistakenly think that they browse anonymously in incognito mode. In fact, the private browsing mode alone does not prevent websites from gathering information about you.

Ghostery Open Source

Cliqz open-sources anti-tracking tool Ghostery

You can now review and contribute to the software code on GitHub. With this move, Cliqz and Ghostery demonstrate their commitment to transparency and an open internet.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.18.0 (58.0.2+1.25.0)

Multiple fixes and improvements are brought to you with version 1.25.0 of the extended component that contains and manages proprietary Cliqz features in the Cliqz Browser.

Icons by Freepik, Vectors Market www.flaticon.com

Stay on top of the news! Separate Top News editions for U.S. and UK on Cliqz Tab

Now you are able to consume country-based media in English language. Simply select the desired edition of Top News in the updated Cliqz Tab settings.

(Source: iStock / iNueng)

How airlines don’t care about your privacy

Airlines such as Emirates share sensitive user information with third-party trackers – all without users’ consent or any option to opt-out.

Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

Cliqz researchers discover privacy issue on bing.com and other Microsoft sites

Popular sites like bing.com, microsoft.com and office365.com leaked an identifier that could be used to deanonymize users. Microsoft acknowledged and fixed this issue. Cliqz users were not affected.

Cookies & Fingerprinting

Cookies, Fingerprinting & Co.: Tracking Methods Clearly Explained

What is the difference between cookies, supercookies and evercookies? Which fingerprinting methods are used by trackers? We provide answers and tips on how you can protect yourself.

Icons by Smashicons, Freepik www.flaticon.com

GDPR: These are the most important changes

Part 3 of our blog series summarizes the key innovations of the General Data Protection Regulation. These include an extended definition of “personal data” and the “right to be...


Web tracking: WhoTracks.me reveals which big corporations are spying on you

It is often difficult to determine which company is behind a specific tracker. The transparency tool WhoTracks.me brings light into the darkness.

Icons by Smashicons, Freepik www.flaticon.com

GDPR: Data protection following the German model

In the second part of our blog series about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, we take a look at the principles and regulations that are based on the German Federal Data Protection Act.


Chrome’s default ad blocker strengthens Google’s data-driven advertising platforms

The default ad blocker move is less about improving the browsing experience and more about forcing publishers and advertisers to switch to Google’s data-driven advertising platforms.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.18.0 (58.0.2+1.24.3)

This release introduces a 64-bit version for Windows, an update to Firefox version 58.0.2, performance improvements, and more.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: Funny and amazing facts about the day of love

Learn more at #CliqzAnything about unimaginative husbands, the most popular gifts and what North Carolina has to do with Valentine’s Day.

Icons by Smashicons, Freepik www.flaticon.com

GDPR: Why the EU General Data Protection Regulation is important to you

GDPR is the most comprehensive reorganization of data protection in Europe. Becoming effective from the 25th of May, new laws will apply to strengthen the protection of personal data.

64-bit version of Cliqz for Windows now available

The 64-bit browser runs even more stable and faster than the 32-bit version. It is also better protected against attacks.

(Source: iStock / kikkerdirk)

Here’s what you can do to stop big tech from manipulating you online

Did Russian operatives use Facebook as a way to deepen the political divide in America during the 2016 Presidential election? Learn more about how to protect yourself against foreign propagandists.

mobile pop-up ads

Combating annoying mobile pop-up ads – Here’s what to do

The aggressive ads frequently flash across users’ displays even on reputable websites. They often send these users on a detour to phishing sites that collect personal data.

(Source: iStock / istock_onespirit)

The real cost of the “free” Internet

Each time you visit a website with apparently “free” content personal data is taken from you. This valuable information is harvested and sold by digital advertisers.

Tracking scripts pull data from password managers

According to researchers at Princeton University, the advertising industry’s new tracking method exploits a weak point of the autofill feature to track users across various websites.

Default browser Windows 10

Tutorial: Make Cliqz your default browser on Windows

This step-by-step guide describes how to set up Microsoft’s latest operating system to automatically open links in the Cliqz browser.

Meltdown and Spectre: processor security flaws affect billions of devices

Almost all Intel chips of the last decade are vulnerable to “Meltdown”. “Spectre” affects virtually all computers, cloud servers and smartphones with modern processors.

New Video Downloader

Downloading videos to your mobile device via Connect just got easier

We improved the Connect features built into the Cliqz Browser. The Video Downloader got a new interface with additional features.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.17.2 (57.0.2+1.23.0)

This release comes with a new background image for Cliqz Tab, an improved Video Downloader, an update to Firefox 57.0.2 and more.

(Source: pixabay.com)

Facebook accused of abusive data collection by Bundeskartellamt

According to a legal assessment by the German regulator, the social network is abusing its dominant position by collecting user data from third-party sources. Facebook disagrees.

(via Flickr: Credo Action Protect Net Neutrality Rally, San Francisco / CC BY 2.0)

A blow to the open Internet: net neutrality repealed in the United States

The regulatory agency FCC voted to drop the previous net neutrality rules despite massive protests. Critics now fear that a two-class Internet will arise.

Cliqz for Android 1.6.0

Cliqz for Android and iOS: more performance and convenience functions

Under-the-hood optimizations improve responsiveness and stability. Users can also enjoy improved usability and additional news on Cliqz Tab.

spies beneath the christmas tree

Spies beneath the Christmas tree: holiday shoppers must be on guard

Internet-enabled toys and smart home devices are popular Christmas gifts. But beware: Such products often endanger privacy.

Ghostery Report - Tracking the Trackers

Infographic: Tracking the Trackers

The infographic summarizes the most important findings of the international “Tracking the Trackers” study by Cliqz and Ghostery.

Report: Tracking the Trackers

The “Tracking the Trackers” study by Cliqz and Ghostery reveals that 8 out of 10 websites spy on you. Take action and protect yourself.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.17.1 (57.0.1+1.22.2)

Cliqz 1.17.1 is based on the fastest version of Firefox yet and introduces a list of major enhancements to make your browsing experience better.

Cliqz 1.17 based on Firefox Quantum

Faster, safer, slicker: Cliqz 1.17 based on Firefox Quantum now available

A new technology framework provides more performance on lower memory usage. User interface and security have also been improved.

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Session replay scripts video record your activity as you browse a website

Princeton researchers have discovered tracking scripts on hundreds of websites that record, in real time, your keystrokes, mouse movements, and scroll action.

Cliqz Browser protects against stealthy cryptocurrency mining

The built-in ad blocker prevents websites from abusing your computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency in the background without your knowledge.

WhoTracks.me: Find out where you’re being tracked on the web

Part two of our blog series about WhoTracks.me explains how you can easily check, how many and which trackers are active on a particular website.


WhoTracks.me: Find out who’s spying on you on the web

In a two-part blog series, we introduce the website WhoTracks.me – the first transparency tool for online-tracking on the web.

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Techblog: How Human Web reliably removes any UIDs

Our second Techblog post about Human Web explains how we ensure that no user identifier (UID) or other private information is stored on Cliqz’s servers.

Human Web (Bild: iStock / DigtialStorm)

Techblog: Human Web – data protection when building web statistics

The Human Web proves that it is possible to collect statistical data without endangering the users’ anonymity and privacy. This post explains how it works.

Tutorial: Automatically delete private data on exiting Cliqz for Android

In order for the automatic deletion of private data to work, the browser must be terminated properly. We explain how to do it.

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Press release: Cliqz on the Huawei AppStore

Cliqz GmbH a Huawei partner, today announced that it will participate in HUAWEI ECO-CONNECT EUROPE 2017, October 26-27 in Berlin. The German software company backed by Hubert Burda Media and Mozilla...

KRACK betrifft praktisch alle WLAN-fähigen Geräte.

KRACK: Wi-Fi security flaw affects virtually all devices – Here’s what to do

A new method of attack known as KRACK allows hackers to intercept and manipulate Wi-Fi data traffic. We explain how you can protect yourself.

Blue Cliqz Browser

Blue is beautiful: More customization options in Cliqz Browser

Cliqz now has a blue tab bar and a beautiful panorama of the Alps as background image. Of course, you can change these default settings at any time.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.16.0 (56.0.1+1.21.0)

With this release Cliqz gets a new blue tab bar and a beautiful panorama of the Alps as a background image. Find out more about this and other improvements we have made.

Windows 10 Wallpaper (Bild: Microsoft)

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: more transparent data collection

The Fall Creators Update displays more privacy information during the setup process. Apps will ask for permission to access your camera or calendar.

Speed-Test-Video Cliqz für Android

Speed test: Cliqz for Android outpaces Chrome

As the test video shows, Cliqz Browser loads web pages on an Android smartphone twice as fast as Google’s Chrome.

MyOffrz-Technologie im Detail

MyOffrz – Part 3: How does the tech behind MyOffrz actually work?

The third part of our blog series explains how the MyOffrz technology identifies potential purchase intent and determines the relevance of offers without sending private data.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.15.1 (55.0.3+1.20.0)

This minor update to version 1.15.1 fixes some bugs with bookmarks import, History interface, custom start page and Cliqz Tab.

Cliqz Release Notes

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.15.0 (55.0.3+1.19.0)

This release introduces several improvements to our browser. Among others, we merged with Firefox’s version 55.0.3, updated to the latest versions of HTTPS Everywhere and LastPass and implemented a...

MyOffrz vereint zielgerichtete Angebote und Privatsphäre (Bild: iStock / CarlosAndreSantos).

MyOffrz – Part 2: Targeted offers and privacy are not a contradiction in terms

The second part of our blog series on MyOffrz explains how we display useful offers in your browser without compromising your privacy.

With Cliqz's Video Downloader, you can just download the audio track of a YouTube video and save it as audio file.

YouTube-mp3.org will shut down: Cliqz offers an alternative

Forget stream ripping services! With the built-in Video Downloader of Cliqz Browser, you can save the audio track of a YouTube video as audio file.

MyOffrz Smartsurfer (Bild: iStock / nensuria)

MyOffrz – Part 1: Browse smarter with maximum privacy

We are presenting our MyOffrz business model in detail in a multi-part blog series. Part 1 explains the many benefits you as a user can enjoy.

Cliqz for Mobile: Send tabs, scan QR codes, download YouTube videos

New features for Android and iPhone users! Cliqz for iOS now supports Connect. On Android, the pairing feature allows bidirectional data exchange between your mobile device and Desktop PC. Other...

Cliqz Tab is now faster and configurable

The new Cliqz Tab comes with comprehensive configuration options, including a choice of backgrounds.

net neutrality (Source: Hugh D'Andrade / EFF, CC BY 2.0)

Save net neutrality: Internet-wide day of action

The joint message of hundreds of participating organizations to the FCC and Congress is: “Don’t mess with the Internet!”

Cliqz for iOS

Cliqz for iOS now available worldwide

With Cliqz for iOS you can browse the Web fast, securely and anonymously. Anti-tracking, anti-phishing and anonymous quick search protect your privacy.

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Press release: New version of the Cliqz desktop browser

Cliqz GmbH has released a new version of the Cliqz browser for Windows and Mac OS, with the aim of making it easier to find and retrieve websites and information. The most noteworthy update is the new...

Techblog: A new Face for Cliqz Quick Search

We redesigned the search UI from ground up, to make it cleaner, simpler, and even faster. Learn more about the design process that we used to change our product’s face.

New Cliqz UI on Laptop

Cliqz for Desktop: New design for a better overview

In collaboration with Mozilla, we completely redesigned our quick search UI. You will now be able to see even more information without scrolling.

Mozilla Global Sprint 2017: Hackathon for an open web

Cliqz is hosting a site at Munich for the two-day community event. The privacy-focused browser company itself is represented with three open source projects.

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Google uses credit-card data to track offline purchases

The Internet giant is linking the data it collects with credit-card transactions. It can then tell advertisers exactly which ads lead to actual purchases.

Cliqz Connect: Send tabs and videos from desktop to mobile

Our pairing feature does not require a user account and no data is routed through external servers. We explain step-by-step how to set up and use Connect.

Cliqz introduces Connect and mobile query suggestions

The new features are now available to all Cliqz for Android users. Additionally, users benefit from an improved tab overview.

Tutorial: Import bookmarks into Cliqz browser

Importing bookmarks takes just a few clicks using the integrated assistant. In some cases you first need to manually export the bookmarks from the other browser. We show you how this is done.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.12.0

Time for some spring cleaning! We completed a long list of stabilization and optimization tasks during the last weeks. In addition, we prepared for the first cross-device features for Cliqz.

US-ISPs allowed to sell browsing history: How to protect your private data

On Monday, President Trump’s signature finally nullified the privacy rules for Internet Service Providers. Now ISPs can sell users’ data without seeking prior consent.

Why does Cliqz not allow third party add-ons?

Many browser extensions out there use questionable practices in terms of data protection. Therefore, Cliqz integrates add-ons only after strict review.

Avira Scout with Cliqz's quick search

Cliqz and Avira: partners for secure web browsing

Avira’s Browser Scout integrates Cliqz’s quick search. The distribution partnership will help Cliqz, to grow and make its products more widely available.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.11.0

Download YouTube videos to your computer, control trackers on websites with the Ghostery add-on, get search results for the United States or for France – this release contains great new features...

Tutorial: Set up a complementary search engine in Cliqz browser

As an addition to the built-in quick search you can use a complementary search engine in the Cliqz browser. This tutorial explains how to do this.

Ghostery Logo

Tutorial: Install the Ghostery add-on in the Cliqz browser

The Ghostery anti-tracking tool is now part of Cliqz. In this tutorial we show you how easy you can activate Ghostery in Cliqz for desktop.

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Press release: Cliqz acquires Ghostery

Cliqz has acquired Ghostery’s consumer operations, which includes the popular brand, anti-tracking browser extensions and mobile apps, user-base and team. By combining algorithmic and blocklist...

Cliqz and Ghostery join forces to defend your privacy

We were always brothers in arms but now finally Ghostery joins Cliqz officially. Together we will create a better and more sustainable Internet experience for our users.

Cliqz Video Downloader

Download YouTube videos in the Cliqz browser

Now you can download YouTube videos within Cliqz browser to view them offline. The audio track can be saved as a separate audio file.

Mo Data Mo Problems (Bild: Cliqz)

„Mo‘ Data Mo‘ Problems“: Cliqz and Mozilla talk about data privacy

What has today’s online landscape to do with unsafe US cars and data with Frankenstein’s Monster? Answers to these questions were presented at a meetup in Munich.

Android component WebView is causing problems – update now!

If the installed WebView version is outdated, Cliqz for Android displays false certificate warnings and does not recognize touch inputs correctly. An update solves these issues.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.10.0

This update finally brings the new multi-process architecture to all Cliqz users, as well as many other enhancements and fixes.

Cliqz mit Electrolysis (Bild: iStock/ SkyClick)

Cliqz is now even faster and more stable

This is due to the newly implemented multi-process architecture Electrolysis. The browser’s user interface and web content run in separate processes.

Techblog: How We at Cliqz Protect Users from Web Tracking

In this second Techblog post we describe how we can block tracking behaviour, and specifically how Cliqz Anti-tracking achieves this.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.9.1

This release includes Firefox 50.1.0, a security update with multiple important fixes for security vulnerabilities.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.9.0

Multiple updates were released for Cliqz for Desktop during the last days. As usual they were rolled out gradually to all users. Among others, we merged with Firefox’s version 50.0.2, updated to the...

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Techblog: How Facebook knows exactly what turns you on

In this Techblog post we describe how online tracking companies collect user browsing histories and build user profiles.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.8.0

This new version includes a great number of enhancements and fixes. In addition to the following changes, multiple security updates were implemented.

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.7.0

Multiple major enhancements will be introduced with this new update – a new Control Center for privacy, security and search functions, a new browser interface design, breaking news, and much more....

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Press release: Cliqz for Android 1.0

The Munich-based Cliqz GmbH has just released the 1.0 version of its mobile browser, an Android app that features integrated quick-search and data-protection functions. In developing the app, the...

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Press Release: Mozilla invests in Cliqz

Mountain View, CA, and Munich, Germany; 23 August 2016: Mozilla today announced a strategic investment in Cliqz GmbH to enable innovation of privacy-focused search experiences. Cliqz is headquartered...

Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.6.1

This Cliqz release includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest version 48.0.1. It contains several stability fixes.

Burda Cliqz Camp: IT and Integration

Learning and working together: Nine young and talented refugees participated in a 4-week IT training course taught by IT-experts from Cliqz (which is majority-owned by Hubert Burda Media).

Cliqzcamp: Big Data for Newcomers

Cliqzcamp is a 4-week intensive program for newcomers who had to flee from their home country to seek refuge in Germany. The camp aims to developing and strengthening the technical profile of IT...

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Press Release: Cliqz Goes Open Source

• • • Munich, Germany; June 9, 2016: The vendor of integrated browser and search applications Cliqz GmbH (https://cliqz.com) has published its software code on...

Cliqz for Android is now Open Source!

Originally based on Anthony Restaino’s Lightning Browser project, we built Cliqz for Android, our mobile browser with integrated Cliqz search.

It’s Time for Change

What’s your new year’s resolution? We at Cliqz have ambitious plans – nothing less than to help bringing the Internet back on the right track.

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Press Release: Cliqz study reveals how tracking threatens privacy

• • • Munich, 8 March 2016: Tracking is widespread on the Internet. In September 2015, the Munich-based company Cliqz GmbH, a provider of Internet browsers with integrated search and data...

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Press Release: Cliqz – the browser innovation with integrated quick search and anti-tracking

• • • Munich, 8 March 2016: Today, the Munich-based start-up Cliqz presents Version 1.0 of its browser of the same name for Windows and Mac. For the first time ever, Cliqz integrates search...

Cliqz Anti-Tracking

With the Integration of our search machine into our browser, we have successfully reinvented web-navigation: our direct fast-search replaces the out of date ‘classic’ search by bypassing the...

Cliqz Tab

Cliqz’s new browser start page offers quick web search, direct links and latest news for you.

Cliqz GmbH Profile

Cliqz was set up with a view to combining the browser and the search and thus redesigning the Internet user interface. More than 100 experts from over 30 countries develop innovative software designed...

Managing Directors of Cliqz

Short CVs of the General Mangers of the Cliqz GmbH: Jean-Paul Schmetz (Founder), Marc Al-Hames

Cliqz’s first major open source contribution: Keyvi, the key value index

Keyvi – the short form for “Key value index” – defines a special subtype of the popular key value store (KVS) technologies. As you can imagine from the name, keyvi is an...

Freedom to really innovate

JP already covered this in his “We redesign the Internet” blog post. At Cliqz, we’re really reinventing the web. We’ve already developed a whole range of entirely new technologies. Our ability...

10 Facts about Cliqz for Firefox

Numbercrunching: This infographic shows the big numbers behind a small extension.

10 innovations for a new Internet

The Cliqz team developed a number of innovations to redesign the Internet. This infographic shows the ten most important ones.

We redesign the Internet

Today is an important day for us: We are launching a new version of Cliqz for Firefox. Our users have helped us with their feedback and input to bring the direct, fast, and smart way of navigating the...

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