This update finally brings the new multi-process architecture to all Cliqz users, as well as many other enhancements and fixes.

What is new?

Multi-process architecture enabled. We are releasing the new multi-process architecture, also known as Electrolysis, to all Cliqz desktop browsers. Available by default, this major modification divides the user interface and the web content into separate processes. The benefits of this architectural change are better stability and performance. Learn more in our News.

Email-Notifications on Cliqz Tab. Gmail users can now choose to be notified about new emails on Cliqz Tab. This feature is available, if is among your most visited or favorite websites on Cliqz Tab and if you are logged into your Gmail account. To enable or disable notifications, right-click on the Gmail tile on Cliqz Tab to open the context menu and select the appropriate option.

Accelerated Cliqz for Windows installation. For Windows users the download and installation of the Cliqz browser via our website has just become much faster. The new “Mini-Installer” comes with a reduced file size but delivers the full functionality.


What has been improved?

Address bar title. When launching the browser the start page URL was displayed as “about:cliqz”. We fixed this to show the usual title “Search or enter address” again.

Turning off anti-tracking and ad-blocking. When turning the anti-tracking or ad-blocking function in the Control Center off and on multiple times, the browser remembered the “OFF for all websites” setting and did not show “OFF for this page” as a default. This has been corrected.

Automatic Forget Mode. We improved the Automatic Forget Mode functionality for various cases and made it work for the multi-process architecture, too. This function switches the current tab to Forget Mode automatically, when the most popular adult sites are visited. As a result, these websites will not be saved to the browser history.

Data import from Firefox. Since version 1.9.0, data from Firefox like bookmarks or history can be imported into Cliqz without having to use the HTML import function. This process was further improved.


What has been fixed?

Anti-tracking color code. When turning the anti-tracking function off and on multiple times, the wrong color was shown in the Control Center. This was fixed. Now green indicates active tracking protection, yellow is visible if only the current page is not protected and if anti-tracking is disabled completely, the icon and Control Center will show a red signal.

Websites not displayed correctly. The integrated function HTTPS Everywhere requests encrypted connections to websites where possible and thus increases security. However, it blocks content from being displayed correctly on websites sometimes. We fixed a few cases that were reported to us, among others on and on Google Images.

Ad-blocking. We fixed a number of issues in the ad-blocking function. For example, on selected pages advertisements continued to be blocked even if the function was disabled. In addition, in specific cases links got blocked that were not advertisements.

Top Sites on Cliqz Tab. We fixed an issue where the logos of Top Site tiles on the start and new tab page were not displayed correctly.


Enjoy browsing with Cliqz. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.