Press release: Cliqz on the Huawei AppStore

Cliqz GmbH a Huawei partner, today announced that it will participate in HUAWEI ECO-CONNECT EUROPE 2017, October 26-27 in Berlin. The German software company backed by Hubert Burda Media and Mozilla...

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Press release: New version of the Cliqz desktop browser

Cliqz GmbH has released a new version of the Cliqz browser for Windows and Mac OS, with the aim of making it easier to find and retrieve websites and information. The most noteworthy update is the new...

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Press release: Cliqz acquires Ghostery

Cliqz has acquired Ghostery’s consumer operations, which includes the popular brand, anti-tracking browser extensions and mobile apps, user-base and team. By combining algorithmic and blocklist...

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Press release: Cliqz for Android 1.0

The Munich-based Cliqz GmbH has just released the 1.0 version of its mobile browser, an Android app that features integrated quick-search and data-protection functions. In developing the app, the...

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Press Release: Mozilla invests in Cliqz

Mountain View, CA, and Munich, Germany; 23 August 2016: Mozilla today announced a strategic investment in Cliqz GmbH to enable innovation of privacy-focused search experiences. Cliqz is headquartered...

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Press Release: Cliqz Goes Open Source

• • • Munich, Germany; June 9, 2016: The vendor of integrated browser and search applications Cliqz GmbH ( has published its software code on The...

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Press Release: Cliqz study reveals how tracking threatens privacy

• • • Munich, 8 March 2016: Tracking is widespread on the Internet. In September 2015, the Munich-based company Cliqz GmbH, a provider of Internet browsers with integrated search and data...

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Press Release: Cliqz – the browser innovation with integrated quick search and anti-tracking

• • • Munich, 8 March 2016: Today, the Munich-based start-up Cliqz presents Version 1.0 of its browser of the same name for Windows and Mac. For the first time ever, Cliqz integrates search...

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Cliqz GmbH Profile

Cliqz was set up with a view to combining the browser and the search and thus redesigning the Internet user interface. More than 100 experts from over 30 countries develop innovative software designed...

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Managing Directors of Cliqz

Short CVs of the General Mangers of the Cliqz GmbH: Jean-Paul Schmetz (Founder), Marc Al-Hames

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Thomas KonradCliqz 89 9250 1833

About Cliqz

The mission of the German startup Cliqz GmbH is to redesign the Internet for the user by combining the power of data, browser, and search. In Munich, more than 100 experts from over 30 countries develop browsers and browser extensions with integrated search engines to bring users to their destination in the most direct way while protecting their privacy. Cliqz quick search works with its own independent web index, powered by the company’s Human Web technology. It is available in the Cliqz browser for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS or as an extension for the Firefox desktop browser.

Jean-Paul Schmetz founded Cliqz GmbH in 2008. Since May 2013, Cliqz GmbH has been majority-owned by Hubert Burda Media, one of Europe’s leading media corporations. In August 2016, Mozilla joined as a strategic minority investor. In February 2017, Cliqz acquired the world’s leading anti-tracking tool Ghostery.