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At Cliqz, we believe in an internet where the user’s interest is the first priority. We need you to reach that goal. Together we can reshape the internet according to shared values of transparency, privacy, openness and security.

Human Web is the search technology developed by Cliqz. It recognizes sites offering the best content according to your searches. It is based in one principle: what is relevant in the net is determined by users. Not by robots.

You can help us keeping the web safe from malicious websites, inadequate content, as well as outdated and inaccurate results.

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Please be aware freedom of expression and free access to information are fundamental rights. Cliqz does not remove pages from its results based on ideologies, but only in the case a page contains child sexual abuse content or criminally obscene content.

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Please report only adult content that has not being filtered out by our Adult Filters. To avoid adult content results, please activate the filter clicking on the Cliqz Menu. Under “Other Settings”, select “Quick-Search”, and select the option “Always” for the feature “Block adult websites in results”.

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