Cookie Pop-up Blocker: Cliqz Automatically Denies Consent Requests

The Cliqz Browser for Windows and Mac not only removes cookie pop-ups on websites, but also automatically manages consent requests for data collection.

Björn GreifEditor

Cliqz is always about protecting the privacy of our users and improving their browsing experience. For example, our intelligent anti-tracking technology prevents data collectors from tracking you across the web. Our ad blocker keeps obtrusive ads at bay. And now available in Cliqz for Windows and Mac: The Cookie Pop-up Blocker that finally puts an end to annoying cookie banners and automatically manages consent requests for data collection!

Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, almost all websites display a cookie pop-up, asking visitors to give their consent to data collection when they visit the site for the first time. The pop-up often masks parts of the page content or even blocks access to the actual website.

Users Are Intentionally Manipulated

Originally, these cookie pop-ups, which are now only perceived as annoying, were intended to enable site visitors to deny consent to certain data collection purposes in order to better protect their privacy online. However, the cookie consent notices are often intentionally designed in such a way that users first have to click through numerous options if they want to reveal as little about themselves as possible.

Anyone who has ever suffered this opt-out odyssey will most likely click directly on “Okay” the next time and thus give their unrestricted consent to data collection. This has nothing to do with fair decision making anymore!

The adtech industry cites an opt-in rate of over 90% as supposed evidence that most users are okay with cookie tracking. But according to a recent study, only 0.1% of users would consent to all data processing if opt-in is the default. The study also shows that user fatigue with consent pop-ups, and simple UI tricks are able to artificially inflate the opt-in rate.

Browse Undisturbed at Last

The Cookie Pop-up Blocker relieves you of the tedious task of manually clicking through all cookie settings on each page. You only have to decide once whether you want to block cookie dialogs and deny consent requests for data collection if possible. If you then visit a site, the Cookie Pop-up Blocker hides the cookie dialog and automatically sets your preferences. This will not only save you time and nerves but will also give you more privacy on the web.

Thanks to the Cookie Pop-up Blocker, you won’t be bothered by cookie dialogs on most websites anymore. The underlying database of frameworks used by websites to show cookie dialogs is constantly updated and expanded. As a result, the Cookie Pop-up Blocker gets better and better over time.

Cookie Pop-up Blocker in Cliqz Control CenterIf it’s activated, consent requests for data collection are automatically denied. Otherwise, the cookie pop-up is simply hidden. If you deactivate the option “Deny consent requests if possible” under Cookie Pop-up Blocker in the Cliqz Control Center (Q menu next to the address bar), consent for data collection will be given automatically.

The Cookie Pop-up Blocker gives you more control over your direct interaction with websites that often use manipulative UX design – so-called dark patterns – to nudge you towards particular choices and actions that may be against your own interest. This makes it a smart addition to Cliqz’s third-party tracking protection and ad blocker.