What’s your new year’s resolution? We at Cliqz have ambitious plans – nothing less than to help bringing the Internet back on the right track.


Today, only a handful of companies occupy key positions in the ecosystem, which enables them to aggressively push new services into the market, pervading our everyday life evermore. If we left the setting of the direction to those big players, the Internet inevitably would head into a future in which they divert your paths through the web even more than today and exploit your data even more ruthless. With every new opportunity they create to show you more ads and learn more about you and your interests, their business and their power will grow to a level that makes it impossible to restore free market access and fair competition forever.

It’s not too late to change the direction. And that’s what we aim for at Cliqz in 2016. Many will say that it’s downright megalomaniac to believe that a company of our size could influence the future. We believe that technological innovation is the key to change how the ecosystem works. It’s a matter of starting at the right lever: the redesign of the key technologies browser and search engine.

Proof of Concept

For the first time in the history of the Internet, we integrated a search engine into the browser and created a completely new kind of user interface based on direct search, direct navigation and direct answers. With the Human Web, we developed a highly efficient technology to detect and evaluate websites. Thereby we were able to map the Internet and now are one of the few companies that own an independent German web index . We have proven that it’s possible to offer a personalized user experience without knowing anything about the user. And with our innovative architecture we set new privacy and security standards.

When we published the final version of our Cliqz Firefox add-on last year, we showed that we are able to turn visions into technologies and technologies into user-friendly products. Cliqz for Firefox is the reference of how the Internet should work– an Internet that takes users always on the straightest way to their destination; a place where big data work for the user and not the other way round; a tool that gives the users control.

2015 we provided the proof of concept. This year, we’ll make Cliqz available to the vast majority of German Internet users by publishing browsers for all major platforms: Windows, Mac and finally Android and iOS.

With each new Cliqz user we’ll get a step closer to our vision of the Internet of the future.