Cliqz protects you better from criminals who try to steal your data.

The web is polluted by phishing scammers who want to get access to your passwords, accounts, credit cards, and other sensitive data by sending you false messages or redirecting you to fake websites. The Cliqz browser and the browser extension Cliqz for Firefox contain a built-in security feature for your better protection against identity theft. The innovative, self-developed technology of Cliqz detects such malicious websites early and reliably. When you visit a website that is identified by Cliqz as fake, our browser will show you a warning message. To ensure comprehensive protection, we also use Google’s Safe Browsing Service. It provides additional protection against the download and unwanted installation of malicious software that is distributed through unsafe websites. But please beware that a hundred percent protection against phishing and Malware does not exist. You should always act cautiously.

A note for the non-German users: given that we currently focus on the German market, Cliqz Anti-Phishing functions fully only in Germany.

Why is protection against phishing so important?

Phishing scammers send e-mails, SMS, and other types of messages that look as if they have been sent by real senders. Recipients are then asked to click on a link leading to a fake website, which may ask for your personal data to be filled in. This identity theft can have serious consequences, such as criminals getting access to your bank account. More about phishing on Wikipedia.

How does Cliqz Anti-Phishing work?

Anti-phishing technologies use various methods to be able to identify fake messages or websites. The Cliqz technology relies on analysis and detection of any harmful site. Cliqz Anti-Phishing examines new websites and checks whether they contain any suspicious data entry fields and/or other mistrustful characteristics. ‘New’ websites for Cliqz Anti-Phishing are those visited for the first time by Human Web participants.

Cliqz Anti-Phishing – Powered by the Human Web

By visiting websites and allowing the check against phishing to take place, the Human Web participants contribute to a safer web. Through the Human Web technology Cliqz gains information about website visits of the users as a group, not individually. This is carried out entirely anonymously, without reference to any personal data or user identity.
The statistical data provided by the Human Web also forms the basis for the fast and direct search, as well as for the anti-tracking technology developed by Cliqz.