Human Web is a new technology that makes website suggestions more relevant and to further improves protection from malicious websites.

Cliqz’s Human Web technology calculates web traffic statistics for websites that are visited by all our users, e.g. the sites’ addresses (URLs) and the amount of time people spend there. This is carried out entirely anonymously, without reference to any personal data or user identity. IP addresses are removed automatically from the Human Web data.

Also completely anonymously and separately from its web traffic data, Cliqz records what the community of users search the web for and what they enter into the Cliqz universal browser bar (the combined search box and address bar at the top of your browser window). Each of these entries and site visits are evaluated only as a single event. We never combine data from multiple entries or multiple visits and do not attempt to draw even theoretically possible conclusions about our users. We also never associate any personal data (such as your IP or email address) with any events.

You can choose If you want to allow Cliqz to submit anonymous statistical data to improve relevance and safety. To opt in or out of Human Web, just click on the Cliqz symbol (in the same line as the browser bar). In the menu, choose the item “Human Web” and set the check mark accordingly.