A completely new kind of search engine.

Cliqz is the world’s first browser with an integrated quick-search engine. That makes it a real alternative to Chrome, Firefox and other common browsers. When you use Cliqz for the first time, you’ll notice it immediately: While you enter your search in the browser bar, Cliqz shows you website-suggestions and content in real-time. Instead of simply showing you just additional words to refine your query as traditional browsers do, Cliqz immediately suggests websites and content that get you to your destination with just one click. Extremely fast and without any detours to a result page – this is what makes it different from the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Take the fastest route with smart Cliqz

Cliqz doesn’t just show website suggestions, but it also adds relevant information and smart navigational options that help you decide intuitively where to click. Whenever possible, the browser even gives you a direct answer to your query. If you’re going on vacation, you can check the weather for your destination , monitor your flight schedule and even inform yourself about the exchange rate of the local currency. All of that directly in the browser, without having to go to a single website! Cliqz will also show you the closest grocery store as well as the most important headlines of a news site.

Your navigation online will change completely. You will no longer need the traditional search engines for every basic request, but only for deep research. The best thing however: Cliqz will become even better over time. The more you use the browser, the easier you will find sites you have already visited.

Cliqz offers everything important at a glance and saves you unnecessary clicks – regardless if you work on a Desktop, with iOS, or Android. Just try the quick search, you’ll quickly see that you have never browsed the web this efficiently before.