We’re Building a Private Search Engine

Cliqz Search Becomes a Real Google Alternative

Cliqz develops its own search engine in Munich, Germany, with around 100 employees. We started with our quick-search feature within the Cliqz Browser and are now working on a traditional search engine approach with a results page.

Our search engine with its own index is completely independent. In contrast to many other “alternative” search engines, we don’t use the search index of the US companies Google and Microsoft (Bing).

Cliqz always focuses on protecting the privacy of our users. Therefore, we built our Cliqz Search from scratch with privacy by design. For example, we are not collecting IP addresses or use personally identifiable information to improve our search results.

The Cliqz Search is still under development and is getting better every day. You can already try it at beta.cliqz.com. We welcome your feedback!