Cliqz and Avira: partners for secure web browsing

Quick Search by Cliqz is now integrated into Avira's browser Scout. It is the latest of several distribution partnerships that will help Cliqz to grow and make its products more widely available.

Avira Scout with Cliqz's quick search

Björn GreifEditor

Cliqz and Avira, two companies headquartered in Germany, share the goal of improving security and privacy on the Internet. As part of a partnership project, Avira has integrated Cliqz’s Quick Search into the new Scout browser. This collaboration is yet another step for Cliqz to make its products accessible to users across platforms. Cliqz’s search functionality is now available to all German-speaking Scout users.

In the English version of Avira Scout "Cliqz Search" is deactivated by default.

“The Scout Browser offers easy access to Avira’s technologies for secure surfing and privacy protection to everyone. We are very excited that our search function is part of the Scout Browser”, says Jean-Paul Schmetz, founder of Cliqz.

When typing a query into the browser address bar, Cliqz Quick Search displays instant search results right below the entered query. This gives users the option to directly go to a website without taking the detour through a long list of possible results on a search engine results page. In addition, Cliqz does not track users and does not collect or store any personal user data on its servers.

Cliqz Quick Search supports only German search results for now and is therefore disabled by default in the English version of the Scout Browser. Curious minds are welcome to activate it in the Avira Autopilot settings.

Avira has been one of the most successful security solutions providers for many years. It is well known for its “Free Antivirus” software, previously Avira AntiVir Personal, which is free for private use. Like Munich-based Cliqz GmbH, Avira is headquartered in the South of Germany. The company employs approximately 500 people in Tettnang near Lake Constance as well as in other offices in Munich, Bucharest, Beijing and Silicon Valley.

A next step into the mass market

The integration of the Quick Search feature into Avira Scout finally brings Cliqz’s anonymous search technology into a Chromium-based browser and thus makes it available for a wider range of users.

For Cliqz, the collaboration with Avira is another step into the mass market. With the ultimate goal of being available on all current web technology platforms, the company continues to explore further partnerships. In cooperation with its shareholder Mozilla, Cliqz launched a Firefox Test Pilot experiment earlier this year. In February, the acquisition of Ghostery and their anti-tracking tool increased its user base by about 10 million users across the world.