Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.17.1 (57.0.1+1.22.2)

Prepare to meet new Cliqz – all of your favorite features at a much higher speed. Cliqz 1.17.1 is based on the fastest Firefox version yet and introduces a list of major enhancements to make your browsing experience better.

What is better?

Update to Firefox 57.0.1. Firefox 57.0.1 includes a list of performance improvements for the better, faster page loading using less computer memory. This, and other Firefox fixes and improvements, are added to Cliqz with the latest update. Among them:

  • Performance: A completely new browsing engine, designed to take full advantage of the processing power in modern devices, makes your browser look, feel and perform faster.
  • Customization: while the main menu (aka “hamburger” menu) is not customizable anymore, you can still set up Cliqz your own way: use Customize option of the “hamburger” menu to drag and drop features in and out of your toolbar or overflow menu.
  • Page Action Menu: for every webpage open, a Page Action menu (aka “three dots” menu), lets you bookmark a page, copy the page link, email the page link, or send a tab to your mobile device using Connect feature.
  • Permissions: a new section in preferences allows you to manage all website permissions: location, camera, microphone, notifications etc.

Visual Refresh. Cliqz gets a visual refresh with this release – even a more clean, modern appearance, updated visual elements and optimizations for touch screens.

LastPass update. We updated LastPass, the integrated password management application, to version

HTTPS Everywhere update. We updated HTTPS Everywhere, the integrated security add-on, to version 2017.10.30.

What is fixed?

No Focus in the URL Bar. URL bar was missing a focus after the browser start and had to be activated manually before typing a query. We are sorry for the inconvenience and glad to report that this issue has been fixed.

Blank Cliqz Tab and History Tool Page. With an update to this release, blank Cliqz Tab and History Tool page should not appear anymore in Cliqz Browser.

Default French News were missing on the Cliqz Tab. After an update of our extended component to version 1.21.0, our French-speaking users were missing French News on their Cliqz Tab. This issue has been resolved.

Video Downloader button is gone after Restore Defaults. Video Downloader button was not shown to the users on YouTube video pages if the users had restored their default settings before. This issue has been fixed and Video Downloader button should now always appear in the URL bar once a YouTube video page is opened.

Reader Mode Text-to-Speech. Reader Mode Text-to-Speech was not working on macOS High Sierra due to a Firefox issue. Has been fixed in Firefox 57 and Cliqz 1.17.1.

Enjoy safe browsing at a full speed with Cliqz. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.