Blue is beautiful: More customization options in Cliqz Browser

Cliqz now has a blue tab bar and a beautiful panorama of the Alps as background image. Of course, you can change these default settings at any time.

Björn GreifEditor

With the launch of the new Cliqz Tab, we have promised to extend the customization options for our new tab page soon. Now we deliver on our promise: From now on, the tab bar will be beautifully blue, if you like. We also added a background that shows a mountain panorama of the Swiss Alps with lush green meadows and a bright blue sky.

The blue tab bar and the new background are activated by default, unless you have previously set a different background image. The blue tab bar makes it easier to recognize the active tab, which is highlighted in white. Of course, you can change back the color of the tab bar and the background image at any time. The option can be found at the top of the Cliqz Tab settings menu. Open it by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of a new tab.

Via the menu, you can switch each feature (most visited sites, favorites, search bar, news) on and off. The remaining elements will automatically be centered. Prefer not to see favorites or news headlines on Cliqz Tab? Then you can hide these elements, as well as the search bar and the shortcut links to your most visited sites. The latter appear only if browsing history is saved.

We rebuilt the New Tab page of the Cliqz Browser and the Firefox extension from scratch in order to improve loading speed, stability, and design. The interface features six most visited sites and favorites. The displayed links to the most visited sites change dynamically. Visits from private sessions are never included. Favorites can be added manually by clicking the plus icon and entering the desired web address.

To delete a tile from “Most visited” or “Favorites”, hover over it and click the small X. Removed most visited tiles are automatically replaced by new entries from the history, if available. Restoring the most visited sites after single tiles have been removed is possible at any time via a respective setting option.

Cliqz for Firefox: activate Cliqz TabYou can also change the news based on the primary language of the providers. Setting options allows you to select between headlines of the most trustworthy German news domains, French media, or a mix of UK and US news sources. This may come handy if you prefer to read news in a language other than your browser language (what’s the default setting).

In the Cliqz Browser for Windows and Mac as well as for new users of Cliqz for Firefox, Cliqz Tab is activated by default. In Firefox, Cliqz Tab can be switched on and off at will in the Cliqz Control Center (see screenshot).

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or thoughts about this release or the product in general, we want to hear from you! Simply drop us a line on Facebook. We’re looking forward to your feedback!