Multiple updates were released for Cliqz for Desktop during the last days. As usual they were rolled out gradually to all users. Among others, we merged with Firefox’s version 50.0.2, updated to the latest versions of HTTPS Everywhere and LastPass and enabled data import from Firefox into Cliqz.

What is new?

Firefox update to 50.0.2. This release includes fixes for the zero-day vulnerability revealed recently as well as multiple other security fixes. Please find the details of Firefox version 50 in the Firefox Release Notes.

Import data from Firefox. You can now import data from Firefox into Cliqz during installation or later. So far the „Import Wizard“ was available only for other browsers. To import data into Cliqz, go to the library via „Show all bookmarks“ or „Show all history“.

New features notifications. We developed a notification system to inform our users about new features in the browser whenever they become available.


What is better?

Updates of HTTPS Everywhere and Last Pass. The two available extensions in Cliqz have been updated to the latest versions. HTTPS Everywhere is an integrated service that requests encrypted HTTPS connections to websites whenever available. It is enabled by default. Last Pass is an optional add-on for password management. To enable it, go to the Security tab in the browser settings.

More advertisements blocked. Further kinds of advertisements have been added to our ad-blocking function so they can be recognized and blocked.

Forget Mode – Learn more. Via the context menu for open tabs (right-click on the tab), you can choose to reload a website in Forget Mode. After the page has switched to Forget Mode you can choose to store the data associated with this domain, or to delete them. The displayed “Learn more” button now directs the user straight to the expected page about the Forget Mode instead of the FAQ overview page.

Links to Mozilla Support. On the browser settings pages, help links take the user to Mozilla’s support portal. This is intended because Cliqz is based on Firefox and shares most of its settings. Therefore Mozilla Support’s detailed descriptions offer valuable information for Cliqz users, too. We now added “Mozilla Support” labels to these links to make the redirection clearer. For all Cliqz-specific features we make sure to add information to our website or right inside the browser.

Get more detailed search results. You can get enriched search results including location data like addresses or opening hours, if you go to the Safe Quick-search section in the Control Center and select to “always” share location. This function has a little tooltip now.

Multi-process architecture (Electrolysis). The multi-process structure implementation in Firefox approaches the home stretch. Cliqz will follow suit soon. Expected benefits are improved security and performance. Please stay tuned for more details on the upcoming release.

Linux user interface. We continue to enhance the user interfaces in Cliqz for Linux in many small ways.


What is fixed?

Networking on LinkedIn. If a Cliqz user tried to accept a networking invitation on LinkedIn, the browser crashed due to an issue related to our Anti-Tracking. This has been fixed.

Shopping links on search engine results pages. It’s a fine line between advertisements and prominent links to commercial websites. Our ad-blocking briefly crossed that line by breaking the shopping links on Google search results pages. This has been fixed.

Cliqz Tab all gray. Content on the Cliqz start and new tab page went gray in specific cases. This version fixes the problem and brings back the expected colors.

Moving Forget Tabs. Open tabs can easily be dragged from their current window and dropped into a new one. We fixed an issue where Forget tabs (right-click on tab and select “Load in Forget Mode”) lost their Forget state and opened in “Normal” mode. Forget tabs now remain forgotten after dragging and dropping them.

Restore session. After a browser crash the previous session can now be restored.

Popular on Twitter. Our News smart Cliqz were missing the Twitter bird and the count of times each featured article has been shared on Twitter. This has been corrected.

Ad-block. Issues that appeared in certain cases where the ad-block function was enabled and disabled multiple times have been fixed.

Transparency Monitor. The link to the Transparency Monitor inside the Control Center was broken, but has been corrected.

Download Smart Cliqz. The Download Smart Cliqz offers direct links to download pages for popular and free software. This service was broken and is now available again.

Share location settings. When searching for a query that offers local information multiple times in a row, the location-related details were shown even if “Share location” had been disabled in the meantime. This has been fixed.


Enjoy surfing with Cliqz. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.