Cliqz introduces Connect and mobile query suggestions

The new features are now available to all Cliqz for Android users. Additionally, Cliqz for Android users benefit from an improved tab overview.

Björn GreifEditor

[Update from February 21, 2020: The Connect feature has been removed due to performance issues. But we are already working on a better and more stable solution.]

In addition to security and stability improvements, the latest updates of Cliqz for Desktop and Cliqz for Android add several innovative features: Connect links your desktop browser to your mobile browser – without requiring a user account. Search suggestions as well as a revised tab overview facilitate browsing on smartphones and tablets with Android.

Cross-device data exchange without a user account

With Connect, you can easily connect your desktop and mobile browser by scanning a QR code. Unlike synchronization features in other browsers, Connect does not require a user account and data is not routed through a third-party server. Instead, we use a peer-to-peer method: The mobile device serves as a synchronization server. This keeps your privacy and data safe.

Once the devices are paired, you can easily send an open web page from your desktop to your mobile device. You can also download a YouTube video from your desktop straight to your smartphone or tablet. In its first version, the Connect feature is available for Cliqz for Desktop (Windows, macOS) and Cliqz for Android. Support for Cliqz for iOS will follow in the future. You can find more information about the setup process and the usage of Connect in a separate article.

With the elimination of a user account and external servers, Cliqz breaks new ground in data transmission between devices. Many further features are being planned: in the future, we want to enable synchronization of bookmarks and history via our peer-to-peer method. We will also provide a way to connect one mobile device to multiple desktop computers. This will allow you to send web content to your smartphone or tablet from both your workstation and your home computer. Additionally, it will be possible to transfer URLs directly from the search results menu to mobile devices.

Query suggestions: less typing, faster browsing

Suchvorschläge in Cliqz für Android

Thanks to the new query suggestions in Cliqz for Android, you now have to type less on your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, they help you prevent typing errors. As usual, the suggestions appear right above the virtual keyboard while typing.

The suggestions also point to useful, context-appropriate additions to your search queries which may spark new ideas for your search. For example, if you are looking for a specific smartphone, you may also see query suggestions for a comparison with other devices. The bottom line is that you get the desired result much faster, because you have to adjust your requests less frequently. And that’s exactly what Cliqz is all about: Always as fast as possible.

Simplified tab management

Tab-Übersicht in Cliqz für Android

The latest version of Cliqz for Android also provides an improved tab overview. We replaced the previous list view with a card view. On each tab card you’ll see the URL, title, and icon of each open web page. By swiping up or down you can scroll through the open tabs. With a wipe to the left or right, you can easily close a tab.

All the mentioned innovations together with Cliqz’ quick search make browsing easier and faster. Our anti-tracking and other security features also ensure that your privacy is protected in the best possible way.

We are looking forward to your feedback! Share your opinion about the new features by simply dropping us a line on Facebook.