Here’s what you can do to stop big tech from manipulating you online

Did Russian operatives use Facebook as a way to deepen the political divide in America during the 2016 Presidential election? Learn more about how to protect yourself against foreign propagandists.

(Source: iStock / kikkerdirk)

Jeremy TillmanDirector of Product, Ghostery

Facebook has faced ongoing scrutiny for selling 3,000 ads to a Russian agency during the campaign — some of which were meant to deepen public disagreements about Muslims and the Black Lives Matter movement — leaving some to wonder just how much power Facebook holds in political discourse.

In fact, the same tools that empower advertisers to target and share certain messages with a specific audience can potentially be used by foreign propagandists to do the very same thing, and at a relatively low cost. Not only can they broadcast whatever message they want, fake news or otherwise, but they can also target an audience with pinpoint-precision to get the biggest impact with the least amount of money spent.

Learn more about how to protect yourself against foreign propagandists by reading my guest post on The Hill.

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