Executive Bios

Short CVs of the General Mangers of the Cliqz GmbH:Jean-Paul Schmetz (Founder), Marc Al-Hames

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Jean-Paul Schmetz, who has a master’s degree in philosophy, is the founder and CEO of Cliqz GmbH. He is also the company’s Chief Scientist, with the task of driving the digital transformation of Hubert Burda Media. Schmetz is convinced that bringing together data, the search and the browser can redesign the Internet in the interests of the user.

Before Dr Marc Al-Hames became a director of Cliqz GmbH, he was Head of Business Development at Tomorrow Focus AG and Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. Al-Hames holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and IT from the TU Munich. He believes that data should work for the Internet user – not the other way around.

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Thomas KonradCliqz GmbHpress@cliqz.comTel.: +49 89/9250 1833