Mozilla Global Sprint 2017: Hackathon for an open web

Cliqz is hosting a site at Munich for the two-day community event. The privacy-focused browser company itself is represented with three open source projects.

Björn GreifEditor

Cliqz GmbH has invited to Mozilla Global Sprint 2017 at Munich on June 1-2. Launched by Mozilla, the two-day open source hackathon is held every year in several cities worldwide. It’s all about bringing people from around the world together to exchange ideas and collaborate on open projects, such as developing open source software, building open tools, writing curriculum, planning events, and more. Everybody is welcome who’s passionate about the open web, privacy and security – no matter whether coders, designers, artists, writers, educators or students.

This year, Mozilla has focused on projects that promote, protect and build the open web, in line with Mozilla’s key issues for Internet health. As part of the community event, more than 100 projects are looking for contributors. Cliqz itself is represented with three open source projects: Green-Analytics, a privacy preserving alternative to Google Analytics, Privacy Bot, which discovers, extracts and saves privacy policies off websites, and Web Ninja, an educational game to illustrate issues of tracking and centralization on the web.