Cliqz for Desktop: New design for a better overview

In collaboration with Mozilla, we completely redesigned our quick search UI. You will now be able to see even more information without scrolling. This will bring you faster to your desired result.

New Cliqz UI on Laptop

Björn GreifEditor

The latest version of Cliqz for Desktop introduces an all new design. We developed a new search UI in collaboration with our investor Mozilla. It provides an even better overview of the results – in form of a dropdown right below the URL bar, as accustomed by Cliqz. The redesign, above all, was based on the feedback we received from our users. For example, some users mentioned that the presentation of results was wasting space. That is why we made the search dropdown more compact. It now displays results, additional deep links, images and other information without forcing the user to scroll.

At the top of the dropdown, you will find a new element that allows searching with a supplementary search engine of your choice. When typing a search query, simply press Enter to use the search engine you selected instead of Cliqz’s quick search. You can specify which supplementary search engine is used by default in the Control Center (Q menu to the right of the URL bar) under “More search options”. The default setting is Google.

Existing history entries are still shown above the actual search results, however displayed in a clustered form for a better overview. Website icons have moved from the right to the left side of the result. This allows you to easier identify the shown websites without even having to look at the name.

New Cliqz UI history

For more than 1000 results, our quick search provides automatically generated deep links for a given domain. You can easily select the links from the dropdown. This will bring you faster to your desired result. This works, among others, for news websites or Wikipedia pages. For the former, quick search displays the three most trending news articles. Wikipedia results further display matching images.

New Cliqz UI Trump

The visually revised Smart Cliqz fit seamlessly into the new design. For example, you can display the weather forecast for the next five days by simply entering “weather” plus a city name. The built-in calculator, currency converter and unit converter also show instant results in the dropdown without having to make a detour to a separate result page. Entirely new is the Smart Cliqz for lottery numbers. Check if your numbers are a winner faster than ever before.

New Cliqz UI Trump

Some previously available Smart Cliqz have yet to be adapted to the new design. This includes local results (with additional information such as address, telephone number, map data, opening times and ratings), local time of a city, flight status information and direct YouTube search using the prefix #yt. These will follow soon. In addition, new Smart Cliqz are planned, including one for movie information.

Apart from the design, we also improved the code of Cliqz for Windows and Mac. These tweaks enhance the overall stability of the browser. Try it out and share your opinion about the changes by simply dropping us a line on Facebook. We are looking forward to your feedback!