Cliqz – the browser innovation with integrated quick search and anti-tracking

With the first browser featuring an integrated search engine and its innovative anti-tracking technology, Cliqz is revolutionising Internet navigation: direct, quick, secure and guaranteed to be anonymous.

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Munich, 8 March 2016: Today, the Munich-based start-up Cliqz presents Version 1.0 of its browser of the same name for Windows and Mac. For the first time ever, Cliqz integrates search engine, browser and data technologies to create a tool for a new type of web navigation: a quick search within the browser instead of via separate search engine websites. With its own web index and a whole host of innovations, Cliqz is the German alternative to the platforms that dominate the market.

The new technologies also include solutions for protecting user privacy. For example, Cliqz now offers innovative, particularly precise anti-tracking technology. According to a Cliqz study, tracking is very widespread. In approx. eight out of ten page loads, data is sent to trackers – data on the basis of which users could be identified and their activities tracked. Cliqz therefore classifies these data as insecure. As revealed in the study, Google is by far the biggest collector of data. Various Google trackers transfer insecure data in approx. four out of ten page loads.

Version 1.0 of the Cliqz browser for Windows and Mac can now be downloaded free of charge from

Innovations for a new Internet

  • For the first time in the history of the Internet, Cliqz integrates the key technologies browser and search.
  • With “quick search within the browser”, Cliqz has created an entirely new user interface for Internet navigation as an alternative to traditional search engine websites.
  • The Cliqz search engine works with its own web index, making it the only German search engine that is independent of US providers.
  • Personalisation without personal data: By combining the results from its search engine with browser data (history, bookmarks), Cliqz provides individual website suggestions. Browser data is processed locally – this means that it remains on the user’s device, in their possession and under their control.
  • With the Human Web, Cliqz has developed a completely new technology in order to collect statistical data for assessing the relevance and security of websites. The user community contributes to the Cliqz web index – with data that is guaranteed to be anonymous.
  • The Human Web data also serves as a basis for the anti-tracking and anti-phishing solutions developed by Cliqz.
  • Cliqz anti-tracking distinguishes between “secure” and “insecure” tracking. The technology developed by Cliqz prevents the transfer of insecure data by which users could be identified.
  • Cliqz is synonymous with uncompromising privacy. The entire architecture is designed in such a way that no data which could provide information about users and their web browsing habits is stored on Cliqz servers. Human Web data is encrypted and transferred via a proxy network. The Privacy by Design principle guarantees anonymity.
  • Cliqz collects and processes data responsibly, proving that big data and data privacy need not be a contradiction.
  • Cliqz is synonymous with transparency. The Cliqz browser offers a real-time overview of the data sent.

“The success of our Firefox add-on has encouraged us to develop our own browser as a platform for our search engine and data privacy technologies. Today, we are releasing Version 1.0 of Cliqz for Windows and Cliqz for Mac with an integrated anti-tracking function,” said Jean-Paul Schmetz, founder of Cliqz. “As a result, we are bringing together what belongs together: browser and search engine, privacy and convenience, data privacy and big data.”

The Cliqz browser for Windows and Mac can be downloaded free of charge from You will also find links to the Cliqz apps for Android and iOS and to the Cliqz Firefox add-on (Windows, Mac, Linux) here.

About Cliqz

The mission of the German startup Cliqz is to redesign the Internet for the user by combining the power of data, browser, and search. In Munich, approximately 100 experts from 30 different countries develop browsers and browser extensions with integrated search engines to bring users to their destination in the most direct way while protecting their privacy.
Jean-Paul Schmetz founded Cliqz GmbH in 2008. Since May 2013, Cliqz GmbH has been majority-owned by Hubert Burda Media, one of Europe’s leading media and tech companies. In August 2016, Mozilla joined as a strategic minority investor. With Cliqz for Firefox launched in June 2014, the concept of searching quickly via the browser gained traction fast with more than a million daily active users in just a few months. The Cliqz browser for Mac and Windows with integrated anti-tracking launched in March 2016. The Cliqz browser with built in quick search engine is also available for iOS and Android.

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