With the Integration of our search machine into our browser, we have successfully reinvented web-navigation: our direct quick search replaces the out of date ‘classic’ search by bypassing the search results page completely.


Additionally, through the creation of the Human Web, we have developed a groundbreaking technology that is able to index the web while staying privacy-compliant. This principle is what we built the only independent German search machine on. We have already accomplished much, and with Anti-Tracking, we are taking the next big step towards our goal: developing the web of the future.

Trackers that collect user data are found on most websites. It is not always the case that this information is collected with mal-intentions. In most cases, this information is simply used the show the user specially targeted ads. However, this data is put into some databank which can be saved anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, very few people are given knowledge of this: the danger that their personal privacy has been put in, all through the global reach of the Data-Tracking systems.


A Very Real Danger for the Privacy-Sphere

In September of 2015 we conducted a very large applied study where we researched the threat of tracking on large-scale privacy. We analyzed 21 million page loads from 5 million websites on 350,000 different domains.

The results were shocking. On approximately three quarters of all website loads, data goes to trackers, with which – on purpose or not – individual users were identified and their online activities followed. Why is this important? Assume that a user consecutively visits various websites. On each of these websites is a tracker that belongs to the same company. These visited websites could be online shops and news sites, but also erotic sites or even forums where political activists chat. This is how trackers collect information. They not only draw conclusions about your financial situation, interests, and purchase decisions, but they also see sexual orientation, health, or political and religious positions. If the user then logs into his personal Twitter account, they can now tie all of this intimate information to a single account.


Inforgrafik Tracking - Risiko fuer Privatsphaere

Transparency is Missing

We don’t know what Google, Facebook, Amazon, Criteo and the uncountable other tracking-companies do with the data. Who it is that has access to the data, with which business partners they share this data, and what is it that they actually do with the data all stays in the dark. The US-Secret Services and the Justice Department have the ability to force American providers to hand over data about German users. Hackers can attack and take tracking-data from tracking companies. There are also companies that sell such data. The players in the internet industry can no longer ignore danger that comes from spying on individual humans.

Cliqz protects the users from tracking. Privacy stays private

We have made it our mission to end the world wide established process of collecting unsafe tracking-data. In the Cliqz browser for Windows and Mac there is built-in anti-tracking. Our anti-tracking is easy to use, even for those with little technical skill. Our innovative technology recognizes “unsafe” data trackers and blocks them before they have the chance to take your data. We give the user control over their data and are able to maintain transparency. As more people begin to use Cliqz, the greater our influence will be on the industry. We know that there is a whole lot of road ahead of us, before the players in the internet industry rethink there tracking practices. However, the first step has been made.

Download the Cliqz Browser for Windows and Mac with integrated anti-tracking