This new version includes a great number of enhancements and fixes. In addition to the following changes, multiple security updates were implemented. Thanks to the users who reported issues or sent feature requests!

What is new?

Duplicate Tab. We received multiple user messages requesting a function to easily open the same website again in a new tab. This feature has been added now: right-click on any open tab to open the tab menu and select “Duplicate tab”. This will create a copy of the respective website.

A new Welcome. New users of the Cliqz browser and the extension Cliqz for Firefox are now shown a new introduction. It briefly highlights the Control Center and Cliqz’ search.

Complimentary search engines in the Control Center. Open the Search Options section in the Control Center to quickly select an alternate search engine to compliment the Cliqz quick-search.

Added search engine Startpage. The web search provider “Startpage” has been added to the list of complimentary search engines. When searching via the URL bar, you can now type “#st” + a search term to go straight to the Startpage results page for this query.

Firefox 49.0.2. Firefox’ latest version has been merged with Cliqz. This minor update brings several bug fixes and security updates to the browser.

Control Center tool tips. Our features are intended to be intuitive to use for the most part. However, sometimes short descriptions don’t hurt. We added tool tips to the Control Center for “Share location” and “Automatic Forget Tabs”. You can also learn more about the benefits of sharing your location in a related article.

What is better?

Blocked advertisements count. Clicking on the Ad-Block [Beta] box reveals further details on the number of ads that were removed and the companies behind them. The large figure in the lower right corner now reflects the total sum of these advertisements.

More advertisements blocked. We added further cases of online advertising to our ad-block technology. As a result, even more advertisements should be removed from websites.

Quicker warm up. The ad-block module was optimized to launch faster on browser start.

No Forget Mode notification on Cliqz Tab. If you switch the Cliqz Tab, i.e. a new tab, to Forget Mode, you will not get prompted regarding the removal of data associated with this page. Cliqz Tab is a browser internal page and therefore does not appear in your history or store local data anyway, so this notification is not needed and has been removed. You can switch an open tab into Forget Mode by right-clicking on the tab and selecting “Reload in Forget Mode” or “Always load Website in Forget Mode”.

What is fixed?

Search for videos. When searching for particular videos on Youtube with the Cliqz search (for example by typing “Youtube Coldplay”) no preview images were shown in the results dropdown. This issue has been fixed.

Give us feedback. The Cliqz Team likes getting messages and feedback from our users. There are many ways to get in touch with us. Among others you can right-click on any search result in the drop down of the address bar to open a little menu that includes the link “Feedback for Cliqz”. Click on it to go straight to the Cliqz Support Portal where you will find our contact information, frequently asked questions and answers and a contact form. Why do we mention this in the “fixed” section? Well, the link was broken for a short period of time but it is working properly again.

My Top Hits. The right corner of the address bar contains a little grey arrow that’s easily overlooked. Clicking on this icon will open a dropdown with your most visited websites called your Top Hits. This list of shortcuts was not working correctly in a few cases and has been fixed.

Playing videos. Ad-block prevented certain videos from playing. We fixed the cases reported to us.

Move Forget Tab to a new window. When moving a Forget Tab from a normal window to a new window, this tab lost its Forget Mode. We fixed this issue, so that it now remains in Forget Mode.

Twitter quick-search. Twitter was missing in the list of complimentary search engines in the German version of Cliqz. In addition it was not possible to use the search short cut “#tw + search term”. Both issues were corrected.

The new version will be rolled out to all users gradually over the next weeks.

We hope you enjoy browsing the web with Cliqz. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.