Cliqz Ad-blocker – the fastest in the world

The Cliqz Browser comes with a built-in ad-blocker that reliably removes intrusive ads and pop-ups. This results in a cleaner and faster browsing experience.

On the one hand, the ad-blocker denies network requests from ad servers so that ads are not loaded in the first place. This saves you precious time and data volume. On the other hand, the ad blocker also optimizes the page appearance without ads. Cosmetic filters eliminate empty spaces where ads would otherwise be visible and rearranges the page content to create a harmonious look.

Extremely fast and efficient

We built our ad-blocker with performance in mind from the ground up. It is de facto the fastest ad-blocker on the market. With a loading time (from cache) of 0.03 ms, it is 588x faster than uBlock Origin and 3575x faster than Adblock Plus.

Ad-blocker Timings

When it comes to the time it takes to decide whether or not to block a request, the Cliqz ad-blocker leaves the competition behind too. With an average of 0.007 ms per request it works 2.7x faster than uBlock Origin and 2.9x faster than Adblock Plus.

Ad-blocker Decision Time

Memory consumption is also very low. For comparison: the Cliqz ad-blocker uses 1.6x less memory than uBlock Origin and even 8.4x less than Adblock Plus. This is especially noticeable on (mobile) devices with less RAM.

Protection against stealthy cryptocurrency mining and credit card theft

The Cliqz ad-blocker not only removes annoying ads, but also prevents websites from secretly hijacking your computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrencies. Some website operators are already using this quite new method to earn money at your expense. To protect you from stealthy cryptocurrency mining, the Cliqz ad-blocker uses a constantly updated filter list with mining scripts. These scripts are blocked automatically so that they cannot tap into your CPU’s processing power without your knowledge.

Another unique feature of the Cliqz ad-blocker is that it actively protects against credit card theft by so-called Magecart attacks. These attacks use malicious scripts to steal credit card data and send them to collection servers. The Cliqz ad-blocker blocks these servers and thus prevents the browser from transmitting data to them.

Ad-blocker settings

Many websites rely on advertising revenue, such as most news sites. You can support them by turning off the ad blocker on their pages. You will find a corresponding option in the Control Center (Q menu next to the URL bar) of the Cliqz Browser.

Here you can choose to disable the ad blocker only for the current page, the current domain, or all websites. To reactivate the ad-blocker, make sure that the switch for “Ad-block” is set to “ON“.

Turn on Cliqz Ad-Blocker

Usually, if you turn off your ad-blocker, you’re putting your privacy at risk because ad trackers will get access to data that can be used to identify you. But not with Cliqz: If you deactivate the ad-blocker integrated in the Cliqz Browser, you are still protected by our intelligent anti-tracking technology.