Always up to date with the new Top News Smart Cliqz

Cliqz for Windows and Mac now displays the latest top news directly below the address bar. This way you can quickly get an overview of the most important events of the day.

Björn GreifEditor

Cliqz for Windows and Mac now not only provides you with Top News about the most important events of the day on a new tab, but also displays them as Smart Cliqz directly below the address bar: All you have to do is to enter search queries such as “news”, “breaking news” or “general news”.

The Top News Smart Cliqz always contains three news snippets including headline, teaser text, image, source and time of publication. The news articles displayed correspond to those on Cliqz Tab and are updated hourly. Breaking news are clearly labeled for fast recognition.

All linked articles originate from respected and trustworthy news domains within the respective countries, e.g. New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN for the U.S. or BBC, The Guardian, and Sky News for UK. Clicking on a snippet will take you straight to the full story on the respective news website.

If you are specifically interested in reading articles from the US or British media, you can enter “us news” or “uk news”. You will then receive only articles from the corresponding media outlets of each country. By using queries like “actu” or “noticias” you can directly search for news articles from French or Spanish media.

How the Top News are generated

In order to determine the most relevant news for our users, we first collect and process all articles that were published by trustworthy sources, which we then compare among each other and form clusters around current events. The magnitude of these events, their presence on homepages of different news outlets and their time of publication results into a constantly updated list of Top News.

The Top News Smart Cliqz lets you always be on top of the news. Try it now!