Cliqz quick search available for more countries

Our own search engine now also provides results for Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. This brings the number of supported countries to six.

Cliqz quick search ES IT UK (Icons by Freepik

Björn GreifEditor

Cliqz is forging ahead with its internationalization: the quick search built into the Cliqz Browser now also provides results for Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. They complement the results already available for Germany, France and the United States. Support for other countries is already planned, including the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

In the Cliqz Browser for Windows and Mac, you can specify in the Control Center (Q icon next to the URL bar) under “Search Options” for which country you would like to see results. Simply select the desired option from the drop-down menu under “Search Results for”.

We operate a dedicated search index for each country. Each index is maintained separately and constantly improved by us. You can help us by reporting outdated or inaccurate search results and inadequate website content.

Cliqz’s mobile apps do not yet support the additional countries (the latest iOS version 1.11.0 partly as beta feature). Mobile integration takes a little longer since we are currently replacing the entire code base of the Android and iOS app.

Search quickly and anonymously with Cliqz

The built-in quick search is – besides our AI-powered anti-tracking technology – a unique feature of the Cliqz Browser. It works independently of all other search providers.

Once you start typing a search query or website address, quick search displays instant search results right below the entered query. This way you get directly to a website without taking the detour through a search engine results page with ad links.

At the same time, you always remain anonymous with quick search. Cliqz offers a counter-concept to those of search engine providers that store search data and use data from other sources to compile detailed user profiles. But if you prefer, you can also use a complementary search engine of your choice, such as DuckDuckGo, Qwant or StartPage.

Cliqz for Desktop is available as a standalone browser for Windows and macOS and as a Firefox extension. You can download it for free.