This new update introduces multiple major enhancements: the new Control Center for privacy, security and search functions, a new browser interface design and logos, breaking news, enhanced local search results, and more.

What is new?

New Browser Design. Cliqz’ browser bars and icons got a face lift. Among others, the search and address bar was increased and new feature icons were introduced. Our designers stay on a trajectory toward a clean user interface.

Your New Control Center. The little Cliqz Q-menu and the Anti-Tracking shield in the browser bar will merge into one great tool: the new Control Center. It will offer information on blocked trackers and advertisements. It’s your dashboard to manage settings for privacy, security, and search features. We started releasing the Control Center to small user groups, and will roll it out to all users step by step within the next weeks.

Breaking News. Keeping up with the latest and really important news becomes easier with Cliqz. Our editors send breaking news to your Cliqz Tab instantly. We won’t interrupt the program for you, but are adding a label to these news on the Cliqz Tab so you can recognize them easily.

New Direct Downloads. Looking for a specific software to install? Cliqz search now provides direct links to download portals, if you type the name of a popular software, like OpenOffice or Free-You-Tube-to-MP3-Converter, into the search bar.

New Browser Logo. The Cliqz browser logo has a new look featuring the new official Cliqz color.

Firefox 49 Update. This new Firefox version adds multiple enhancements to Cliqz, including new and improved settings for read mode and performance optimizations. Learn more in the Mozilla Release Notes.

Cliqz for Linux Update. Linux users have been waiting for an update which finally was released. We stabilized out Linux build process, too, so that future releases can be launched more reliably.

Reset Complementary Search Engines. In the browser settings menu the tab “Search” provides a list of alternate search engines. Until now, single services could be removed from the list, but could not be added back. This has been fixed by adding a function to reset the default search engines.

Refresh Cliqz. The page about:support displays local browser information for debugging purposes. We added a function to reset Cliqz to its default settings.

What is improved?

Improved Search Result when Shared Location is activated. Users who choose „Always“ share location in „Safe Quick-Search“ in the Control-Center now get better, richer search results. Of course our users’ local information will never be stored or shared by Cliqz. This search enhancement comes without a privacy-price tag.

Block Advertisements. We received a great amount of feedback regarding our ad blocking function within the last weeks. Thanks! It helped us identify and solve issues and implement enhancements. The feature continues to be in beta but we are making good progress toward a stable version.

Anti-Tracking. Several cases were fixed in which our tracking protection technology blocked data too ambitiously causing website content to break. We continue to implement enhancements and find new smart approaches to deal with the irregularities and different practices on the Internet.

HTTPS Everywhere and Last Pass Updates. We updated the two third-party extensions that are available for Cliqz to their current versions. HTTPS Everywhere is enabled by default and requests encrypted HTTPS connections. Last Pass is a password manager that can be downloaded via the Security tab in the settings menu.

What is fixed?

Anti-Phishing. We found technical issues in our Anti-Phishing feature that identifies and blocks deceptive websites, also called phishing websites. These issues have been fixed. Anti-Phishing is currently enabled for only a fraction of our users while we go through last quality tests. It will be available again for all users within the next days. Learn more about Anti-Phishing.

Welcome to Cliqz. Turns out some new Cliqz users started off without seeing our introduction. Thus they did not get the proper welcome they deserve. Users who do see the intro which contains brief information on key features have offered positive feedback, so we made sure to enable it for all first-time users.

Forget Mode. While browsing in a Forget window or Forget tab, visited websites are not stored in the history. That means, the browser “forgets” about these visits instantly. You know you are in Forget mode, if the address bar has a gray background. It was reported that in some rare cases the background color did not turn gray while in Forget mode. This issue has been fixed.

Automatic Update Notifications without Available Update. Many Linux users were prompted to update the Cliqz browser although no update was available. This issue was resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We hope you enjoy browsing the web with Cliqz. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.