Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.19.1 (59.0.2+1.26.1)

This release comes with a variety of tweaks and fixes. Among others, we’ve included some enhancements for added privacy and security. Please find some of the highlights below.

What is new?

MyOffrz Design. With this spring release, we’ve given MyOffrz’s interfaces another visual touch-up: MyOffrz elements are now visually aligned across the product.

MyOffrz Feedback Form. Benefit from MyOffrz on Cliqz Tab and let us know what you think about it. When you close an offer on Cliqz Tab, you will see a short feedback form to share your opinion with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Learn more about MyOffrz here.

What is better?

Update to Firefox 59.0.2. Invalid page rendering, random browser crashes for Windows 7 users, and other issues were fixed with the Firefox update 59.0.2. All these changes are also added to the Cliqz version 1.19.1.

Quick search results. With the last release, we updated the mechanisms behind how Cliqz search results are displayed. Users should now get more and better results for many searches. We’ve made further enhancements for this update, and have plans to continue adding improvements to search results over the next weeks.

What is fixed?

Ad-Blocker. We fixed a few cases where websites (e.g., were not accessible due to the ad-blocking function.

YouTube and Facebook preview images broken. We fixed an issue caused by changes to our anti-tracking function that blocked preview images on YouTube and Facebook in Forget Mode. Thanks for the quick user feedback! We fixed the problem instantly.

Enjoy safe and fast browsing with Cliqz. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.