Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.22.0 (62.0+1.30.2)

This release includes the improvements of Firefox’s latest version 62.0. It also integrates the transparency tool “re:consent”. Find out more about this and other enhancements we have made.


  • Update to Firefox 62.0.
  • Cliqz Search can now be selected as an alternative search engine. This can be done from the Search menu of the Preferences or from the Search options in the Cliqz Control Center (Q icon next to the URL bar).
  • To make sure you can easily set up your homepage and define the actions that happen after browser startup, we have introduced a few changes to the General menu of Preferences.

New features

  • We have integrated the open source tool “re:consent” into the Cliqz Browser. It leads you directly to the often well-hidden or deliberately confusing or unnecessarily complex privacy settings (e.g. on Google or Facebook). This allows you to quickly and easily check and change your consent for data processing, e.g. location sharing, face recognition or cookie tracking. More details here.

Enjoy safe and fast browsing with Cliqz. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

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