Cliqz for iOS 3.0.0 – The Effortless Browsing Experience

The latest major update includes enhanced quick search, a new privacy dashboard, optimized UI, dark mode and iPad support as well as performance improvements.

Cliqz for iOS 3.0.0

Krzysztof ModrasDirector Engineering

Since 2008 Cliqz has been building digital key technologies such as browsers and an independent European search engine. We’re actively opposing the exploitation of user data, offering real alternatives in a market dominated by tech giants such as Google and Microsoft. Data protection on the Internet is not a choice, it’s a right!

Cliqz ships its search engine and browsers to all major platforms. Our new iOS app makes browsing the web better than ever.

What‘s new?


  • Anonymous Quick Search – Vertical view for real-time results
  • Privacy Dashboard – See at a glance how many trackers and ads Cliqz has blocked for you
  • Optimized UI – Some features and settings are now easier to find
  • Dark Mode – The dark mode is pleasant for your eyes, and it looks awesome
  • News on Cliqz Tab – Scroll through the latest top news, now with images
  • iPad Support – For those who like to use a bigger screen
  • Instant App Startup – Start browsing even faster
  • App Size Is as Small as It Gets – Being multiple times smaller than industry average

Beware of the Internet of Garbage

Browsing the modern web is becoming more and more difficult and dangerous. In times of omnipresent advertising, fake news and clickbaiting we’re always the target of manipulation attempts. Finding the information you want on the web is often complicated as you are not playing an active role in how the web works. Search engines and social media platforms control your attention and direct it to the highest bidder. Our love of the web results from its limitless freedom, but today this freedom is being jeopardized by few companies with huge pockets.

This affects us all. But there’s a way out: By choosing Cliqz you give the web a firm feedback saying that you don’t like what it has become.

See how we make it easier for you to browse the web:

Focus on Search

Search engines are a basic requirement for the open web. Unfortunately, nowadays a single company has control over the majority of all search queries: In over 90 percent of cases Google decides which websites are displayed as results. And with that, Google controls what can be found on the Internet. Cliqz, on the other hand, gives you a choice.

By using the Cliqz Browser with built-in anonymous quick search you can get to any place on the web, without going the detour over a search engine results page: Cliqz displays website suggestions in real time right in the browser. It takes into account the most relevant search results as well as your browsing history and bookmarks.

In case you need more results, you can always go to an additional search engine with a tap of your finger. The point is: You always have full control over where you go.

To start a search, simply tap the dedicated search icon at the bottom of your screen. It’s always below your thumb, there’s no need to stretch for the browser bar.

Maximum Privacy

Privacy is at the heart of the Cliqz experience. Since most websites do not respect your privacy, it’s the browser’s job to step in and give you back control over your data. Therefore, Cliqz provides state of the art tracking protection and ad blocker.

The new Privacy Dashboard makes it easier than ever to see and control what websites are doing in the background. Here you can monitor the number and type of blocked data collectors (trackers) and ads. You also have the option to temporarily disable anti-tracking or ad blocker for the current site if the blocking causes any issues on the page.

The Privacy Dashboard can be accessed at any time by tapping the circle in the browser bar. Its color scheme also indicates whether and what kind of data collectors were found on the current website. Cliqz keeps these data collectors at bay and effectively protects your privacy. We want you to finally browse carefree!

Intuitive and Beautiful User Interface

Using a browser should be intuitive. Thus, we’ve moved a few functions and settings to make them easier to find:

Home Menu

By tapping the blue Cliqz icon at the bottom of your screen, you can now open the Home Menu for quick access to home and to browser settings.

Browser Bar

Everything that is related to the current web page can now be found in the browser bar. Here you can see the tracker load of the site as well as the exact URL. A lock symbol shows that the website uses HTTPS encryption. A text symbol behind the URL indicates that you can activate reader mode.

By tapping the three dots at the right-hand side of the URL bar you open the page actions menu which contains all page-relevant options like reloading, sharing, bookmarking, or find in page.

Cliqz Tab

We also improved Cliqz Tab. On home or on a new tab you can now quickly switch between top sites, bookmarks, history, and downloads. MyOffrz deals are no longer available. At the bottom you can scroll through news, which are now displayed with an image, source and headline.

Monthly Updates

With the Cliqz Browser you can browse the web carefree, without being bothered by data collectors or intrusive ads.

And there’s still more to come. As of now, we’ll deliver updates and new features to the iOS browser every month.

Let us know what you think of the latest improvements.

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Happy browsing with Cliqz!