We Live & Breathe Cliqz - Our Values

We are Cliqz. More than 130 Cliqzers from over 30 countries with one common goal: Redesign the Internet.

Ambitious, humorous and creative Cliqzer work here daily on exciting challenges and innovations. Ambitious, humorous and creative? Right! That sounds like organized chaos. From the beginning on, it was our goal to create a creative environment with great team players that never lose the focus on the essentials and can always contribute and develop the best possible. And this is how our Cliqz culture arose, based on values we all share and live.

The Cliqz Values – May We Introduce?

Living Values – How Does That Work?

After introducing values, something has to happen with them in the everyday work life. You can’t feel forced to follow them like a checklist. It has to be possible to live the values in a natural way. We are proud of our values and also show this. You can find them on our website and at our office. Cliqzers get to know them already in their application process. We do value sessions within the onboarding. We talk about how we can live the values in our everyday life. Furthermore, we use the values to thank our teammates. You take a value card, note who you would like to thank and why and we read it out in our weekly team meeting. It is a beautiful way to say thanks and to remind everyone what the values stand for in our everyday life.

How Would Cliqz Look like Without Values?

One for sure; different! Certainly, we would anyway come to the office in the morning, we would still work towards our common big goal and would still start satisfied into the weekend after having a beer on a Friday evening. Would we also keep our motivation? Would we have just as that much fun with our teammates? Would we be just as productive? Would we still be a real team when something goes wrong? Probably not and we don’t want to try it out. We Live & Breathe Cliqz.