Cliqz Tab brings quick web search, direct links and latest news to your new tabs.

Our browser and the Firefox browser add-on now feature a new start and tab page, also called Cliqz Tab. With a central search bar, shortcut links to your top websites, and handpicked news, it offers an easy, engaging entrance into the Internet. As part of our Privacy by Design architecture, the Cliqz Tab handles your data securely and never stores or forwards any personal information.

Internet search – the direct and safe way

The central search bar places Cliqz ’s proven and tested search function in a more prominent position. Our search technology’s benefits remain: instant results, even while you are typing, and comprehensive privacy and security.
Of course, you can continue to search the web with Cliqz  straight from the address bar of the browser. In fact, the center search bar will automatically send you up there once you start typing.

Your top websites – just one click away

Speed dial buttons take you to your most frequently visited websites with just one click. These Top Sites are determined based on your browser history. To provide only relevant links to you, our team has developed a new proprietary algorithm.

Deleting your history or single elements will remove the respective Top Sites on the Cliqz Tab, too. The Top Sites will change dynamically to reflect your browsing preferences. Needless to say, private sessions are never included.

In a second row, you can manually add up to 5 shortcut links as your “Favorites”.

Single top site tiles can be removed from the Cliqz Tab by clicking on the “X” icon that appears when you hover over a tile. Deleted elements from the top row will be replaced automatically with new recommendations from your history.

Latest News – handpicked for you

To help you keep up with latest events, current top news are handpicked and brought to you via the Cliqz Tab multiple times per day. Professional editors continuously scan and analyze the leading international news portals to identify the trending headlines. Click on a news title to go to the respective article. Our news service is available in German and in English.

For passionate online news readers, we have also added additional headlines specifically from their frequently visited news providers.

It’s your choice

Browser users can change their browser start page via the “General” tab in the browser settings menu. Please note that this will only affect the start page, not the New Tab page. On new tabs, the Cliqz Tab will still be displayed.

As an extension user, you can switch back to the start page layout you had before. Initially, a link in the bottom right corner will take you straight back. Later on you can always disable and re-enable the Cliqz Tab via the Q-menu in the browser bar.

Questions or comments?

We’re available for your feedback and questions. Our support page offers multiple ways to reach out to us and we’ll make sure to get back to you promptly.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the Cliqz Tab.

Your Cliqz Team