Cliqzcamp is a 4-week intensive program for newcomers who had to flee from their home country to seek refuge in Germany. The camp aims to developing and strengthening the technical profile of IT enthusiasts.

We believe that as there’s a growing demand for people with IT skills in many industries, there are excellent opportunities for newcomers to integrate into the job market. Cliqzcamp is an attempt to bridge the gap and open doors to educational and career opportunities.

Cliqz experts will volunteer as mentors and teachers. The program will start with a one-week python intensive session followed by a two-week deeper dive into the big data technology stack. Here we’ll cover the basic building blocks for data handling with search-specific applications. Additionally, we’ll talk about user-centric and agile product management practices, user experience & testing, business intelligence and how to ensure product quality. The camp will end with a one-week hackathon to allow the participants to showcase their ideas and skills as a project.
Alongside the 4-week program, Cliqzcamp also offers lessons in German language and cultural skills to the participants and their families.

Cliqzcamp is a Burda initiative where Cliqz joins forces with the Burda Bootcamp which provides facilities and organizational support for this program. We’re especially thankful to Burda Solutions for donating us notebooks for the camp. Also, many thanks to Horizont and Refugee on Rails for their support in connecting us to the right candidates.

Apply now!
The intensive course is free of charge and will take place from July 11th to Aug 5th, 2016 in Munich. The number of participants is limited. Newcomers can apply by June 13th. For any questions or comments, please write to us at