Get the Latest Info on Coronavirus in the Cliqz Search Engine

In addition to the latest news on coronavirus and COVID-19, you’ll find a new knowledge box with emergency numbers and links to official info pages, FAQs and statistics on

coronavirus covid-19

Björn GreifEditor

The homepage of the Cliqz Search Engine (Beta) now displays a notification about COVID-19, which redirects you to the latest information on the coronavirus situation with just one click. Our news team continuously curates the most important news from trustworthy sources. This way you’ll always stay on top of the news.

We’ve also compiled helpful information on the coronavirus and COVID-19 in a new knowledge box. This includes emergency numbers as well as links to official info pages, FAQs and statistics. For example, here you’ll find a link to a web page of the World Health Organization (WHO) with an interactive map of the areas affected by the coronavirus and official case numbers.

In addition, there is a constantly growing list of worldwide emergency numbers covering multiple countries – from Albania to Vietnam. Travellers stuck abroad can use these emergency numbers to contact the local authorities.

The latest news and information on the corona pandemic will be shown whenever you search for queries such as corona, coronavirus or COVID-19 on English-speaking people who live or are stuck in Germany, can select the news feed option “German Media in English” in the Cliqz Search Engine settings to receive the latest information for Germany. This way you can get an idea of the current situation at any time.

Cliqz Search Engine news settings: German Media in English

We’re happy if this service helps you and if you continue to use the independent Cliqz Search Engine. You may notice that it’s not perfect yet. But with your help and that of all other users, it’s getting better every day.

To all those who have already been infected by the new coronavirus, we wish you a speedy recovery. And to all others: Stay healthy and stick to the official guidelines and recommendations! By the way, we at Cliqz have all been working in home office since Monday to do our share to #FlattenTheCurve.