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Find and retrieve websites even faster

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Munich, June 282017: Cliqz GmbH has released a new version of the Cliqz browser for Windows and Mac OS, with the aim of making it easier to find and retrieve websites and information. The most noteworthy update is the new design of its integrated quick search engine. Furthermore, there is now a completely new concept of the browser history. You can download Cliqz 1.14.0 for Windows and Mac OS for free at the following link:

Cliqz has also given its website, logo as well as Android and iPhone app icons a fresh new look.

Everything at a glance, everything with a click
The core feature of the Cliqz browser is its quick search. It shows website suggestions and cards with immediate information in a menu below the browser bar in real time as you type your keywords or web addresses. This has now been made even clearer. The wider menu makes room for detailed descriptions and more images.

Cliqz users can thereby soak in more information at a glance, can choose the most relevant website suggestion with greater speed and can then, without having to make the otherwise common detours through separate search results, arrive at their target designation with just one click. The browser extension Cliqz for Firefox is also getting a new design.

The new design of Cliqz quick search: more information at a glance.

New browser history: retrieval made easy

Many Internet users know this problem: they want to find a site that they viewed a while back. But they can’t remember the name of the website. Instead, they vaguely remember the path or the search that led them there. The new Cliqz browser history intelligently groups related entries within the history into sections and makes them therefore easily searchable. The new full-image view enhances users’ ability to maintain a clear overview. Previous browsing paths are very intuitively retrieved and websites that were once visited can now be found again with much greater speed. The browser history can be opened through the browser menu as usual or through the clock symbol at the top left on the “New Tab” page.

The new Cliqz browser history allows users to retrieve sites intuitively.

Fresh look
In parallel with the new desktop browser, Cliqz has also released new versions of the company website, the logo and the icons for the Android and iPhone apps. Everything now radiates an iridescent blue.

About Cliqz

The mission of the German startup Cliqz GmbH is to redesign the Internet for the user by combining the power of data, browser, and search. In Munich, more than 100 experts from over 30 countries develop browsers and browser extensions with integrated search engines to bring users to their destination in the most direct way while protecting their privacy. Cliqz quick search works with its own independent web index, powered by the company’s Human Web technology. It is available in the Cliqz browser for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS or as an extension for the Firefox desktop browser.

Jean-Paul Schmetz founded Cliqz GmbH in 2008. Since May 2013, Cliqz GmbH has been majority-owned by Hubert Burda Media, one of Europe’s leading media corporations. In August 2016, Mozilla joined as a strategic minority investor. In February 2017, Cliqz acquired the world’s leading anti-tracking tool Ghostery.


Thomas KonradCliqz 89 9250 1833