Cliqz for iOS now available worldwide

With Cliqz for iOS you can browse the Web fast, securely and anonymously. Anti-tracking, anti-phishing and anonymous quick search protect your privacy. An ad blocker and a video downloader are also included.

Björn GreifEditor

Cliqz for iOS is now available worldwide in Apple’s App Store. So far, the iPhone version was only available in the German, French and US store. Now, users around the world can benefit from our powerful browser with integrated data protection features and innovative quick search. With Cliqz, you can browse the Web lightning-fast, securely and anonymously. The recently released version 1.4.0 introduces an all new design and improvements in usability and security.

Privacy protection

Cliqz for iOS anti-tracking

With no further configuration necessary, Cliqz anti-tracking effectively protects users from being monitored by trackers. Cliqz does more than just blocking cookies. Its anti-tracking function overwrites all data sent to third parties by tracking scripts that could be used to identify individual users. You are also protected against particularly tenacious trackers which use increasingly sophisticated methods designed to recognize users on websites, monitor them and record their activities as thoroughly as possible.

The entire architecture used by Cliqz is based on the principle of privacy by design. This approach guarantees that no one, including Cliqz, can track you down based on your browsing and search behavior. Cliqz’s servers store only anonymous, statistical data, no personal user data is ever stored. You can convince yourself that Cliqz does not collect a single bit of personal data by looking into our code. Every line of Cliqz’s client applications code is open source and publicly accessible on GitHub.

Anonymous quick search

Cliqz for iOS quick search wiki

Another unique feature of the Cliqz browser is the built-in quick search , which works independently of all other search providers. As soon as you start typing a search query or website address, quick search offers a website suggestion. You can simply tap on it, or, for more suggestions, swipe left. The suggestions load immediately on intelligently designed cards right in the browser. Since you do not have to use any search result sites, you save time, as well as data volume. At the same time, you always remain anonymous with quick search. Cliqz offers a counter-concept to those of search engine providers that store search data and use data from other sources to compile detailed user profiles.

Currently, the quick search engine developed by Cliqz GmbH in Munich supports three languages: German, French and English. Accordingly, we operate separate search indexes for Germany, France and the US, which we separately maintain and improve. Until we are able to offer additional language versions, users of the international Cliqz version will see the English browser UI and results from the US search index – regardless of the App Store country from which Cliqz for iOS was downloaded. But don’t worry! To be able to give you good results, our quick search is constantly improving thanks to our Human Web technology . Further, the Cliqz browser can redirect you to a complementary search engine such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or StartPage, which you can choose by yourself, in case the Cliqz results are not sufficient.

Useful additional features

In addition to anti-tracking and quick search, the Cliqz browser also provides phishing protection and a built-in ad blocker . This prevents you from being tracked by ads and enhances your protection against fraudulent websites set up by criminals to steal your password or account information. Another handy feature is the integrated video downloader. You can download audio and video files from YouTube directly to your smartphone to view them offline, whenever and wherever you want.

Try it yourself, and download Cliqz for iOS from Apple’s App Store . Cliqz browser is also available for Android , Windows and macOS .