Stay on top of the news! Separate Top News editions for U.S. and UK on Cliqz Tab

Now you are able to consume country-based media in English language. Simply select the desired edition of Top News in the updated Cliqz Tab settings.

Björn GreifEditor

We further improved the Top News section on Cliqz Tab. Now you can choose a separate U.S. or UK edition instead of the International version. The U.S. version features U.S. media only, the UK edition features UK news outlets only. If you prefer a healthy mix of the most trustworthy U.S. and UK media outlets, you can continue using the International version that is still available.

How to change the Top News edition

If desired, you can change the language aka edition of Top News that are displayed in your browser. This may come in handy if you prefer to read news in a language other than your browser language (what’s the default setting).

The option can be found at the bottom of the Cliqz Tab settings menu. Open it by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of a new tab. Via the menu, you can switch between German media, German media in English, French media, UK media, U.S. media and International media (UK & U.S. media mixed).

In the Cliqz Browser for Windows and macOS as well as for new users of Cliqz for Firefox, Cliqz Tab is activated by default. In Firefox, Cliqz Tab can be switched on and off at will in the Cliqz Control Center (see screenshot).

We hope you enjoy browsing with Cliqz. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.