Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.18.0 (58.0.2+1.25.0)

Multiple fixes and improvements are brought to you with version 1.25.0 of the extended component that contains and manages proprietary Cliqz features like search, and privacy functions in the Cliqz Browser.

What is new?

News Media Options. With this version we added a possibility to chose between U.S. and UK media for the news displayed on Cliqz Tab. As usual, the media preferences can be changed in the Cliqz Tab settings menu.

Background Image. We continue to enrich the collection of Cliqz Tab background images available to our users: you can now select an image of the iconic Matterhorn peak in both desktop and mobile versions of Cliqz.

What is better?

Performance enhancements. During the last weeks, we have put quite some effort into improving the performance of various Cliqz functions. We’re happy to report that first test results indicate significantly faster startup times, among others, compared to older versions of Cliqz and other benchmarks.

Search results. Cliqz search, built into the browser to deliver the top results to you instantly while not leaking your private data, has been updated. We’ve made a list of changes to optimize the way search results are displayed, to improve stability and to allow for easier maintenance and scalability.

GDPR Due Dilligence. In light of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we made changes to our code structure to facilitate compliance monitoring.

In addition, version 1.25.0 comes with many minor improvements to various user interface options and features.

What is fixed?

Ad-Blocker. We fixed a few cases where website content elements were broken due to the ad-blocking function.

History Overview. Several improvements and fixes were made for the full page history overview that is accessible via Cliqz Tab. 

Issue after Disabling Cookies. Thanks to a user report, the following issue was identified and fixed: if the Ghostery add-on was installed and cookies were set to “never accept” in the Cliqz browser, the Cliqz Control Center broke on browser restart.

Stay tuned for more Cliqz updates. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.