Valentine's Day: Funny and amazing facts about the day of love

Learn more at #CliqzAnything about unimaginative husbands, the most popular gifts and what North Carolina has to do with Valentine's Day.

Björn GreifEditor

February 14 is the day on which people give cards and small presents to the person they love. Popular gifts are sweets, letters and cards, flowers, wine, jewelry and perfume. If you haven’t found the right gift yet, just search in the Cliqz Browser.

If you look at the search queries for “gift for…”, one thing stands out: For unmarried couples, more women are looking for a gift for their boyfriend than vice versa. For married couples, husbands seem to run out of ideas much more often than wives, so that they are searching online for a gift for their sweetheart.

What is always well received is, of course, a romantic getaway as a couple. Most people probably think first of California or Hawaii. Cliqz users, on the other hand, prefer the states North Carolina, Vermont and Maine.

On average, consumers are expected to spend $143.56 per person on Valentine’s Day this year. This is at least what the latest forecasts for the United States suggest. Last year’s average spending per person was $136.57.

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