Cliqz Browser Release Notes 1.18.0 (58.0.2+1.24.3)

This update introduces multiple major enhancements: a 64-bit version for Windows, an update to Firefox version 58.0.2, performance improvements, and more.

What is new?

Firefox update to 58.0.2. This update further optimizes the browser performance by improving the way graphics are rendered and JavaScript is cached. With an update to version 58, Mozilla has again closed multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox, including some that are classified as critical by Mozilla. For safety reasons, an update to Cliqz 1.18.0, based on Firefox version 58.0.2, is strongly recommended for all users.

Please find more details about Firefox version 58 in the Firefox Release Notes.

64-bit browser version for Windows. We’re happy to announce that the Cliqz browser is now available in both a 32- and 64-bit version. When downloading from our website, the recommended browser version (based on operating system version and RAM) will be installed automatically. Users also have the option to manually select the version they wish to install. Existing users don’t need to re-install Cliqz – an automatic update to the recommended version will make sure their browser is stable and secure. Please find more details about this major enhancement in our blog.

News: German Media translated to English. English speakers can now choose to have German news headlines translated to English on their Cliqz Tab. This option can be activated in the Cliqz Tab settings menu.

What is better?

Browser Performance. We constantly work on speed and stability improvements for Cliqz. This update introduces a list of changes enabling your browser to start and work faster.

Search Performance. Cliqz search, built into the browser to deliver the top results to you instantly while not leaking your private data, has been updated. It now performs at a higher speed thanks to a major optimization of our search backend.

Last query function. While searching the Internet via the address bar, Cliqz often keeps the last query you typed right inside the address bar. This allows you to return to your most recent search with just one click onto the query instead of having to re-type it. With this update, we’ve improved the “last query” function by optimizing its behaviour and fixing related bugs.

Complementary Search Engine Qwant. We’ve added Qwant to the list of complementary search engines available in the Cliqz browser. To make Qwant a default complementary search engine, users can now select it from the list of search engines in Preferences.

MyOffrz Design. With this release, we’ve given MyOffrz interfaces a visual touch-up. Learn more about MyOffrz here.

We hope you enjoy browsing with Cliqz. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.