Cliqz invented the first service that brings together interest-based targeting with consistent data privacy and protection.

MyOffrz is based on an entirely novel idea: users benefit from offers displayed by their browser! These offers can be discounts, bargains or specials that offer real value. MyOffrz can tell based on your browser history what your interests are and will show you offers only if they are really relevant to you. And best of all: The whole process takes place directly in your browser. None of your personal data leaves your device! MyOffrz is the first service that brings together tailored offers and individualized, interest-based targeting with consistent data privacy and protection.

This completely unprecedented technology is operated by Cliqz’s subsidiary, Cliqz MyOffrz GmbH. MyOffrz is located within both the Cliqz Browser and Cliqz for Firefox as well as in other apps, browsers and browser extensions such as Ghostery.

How do privacy protection and targeted offers go together?

Protecting the privacy of our users is one of the cornerstones of our company philosophy. We remain faithful to our philosophy even when it comes to MyOffrz, which was developed according to the most stringent data privacy and protection standards. We as a company don’t need to know anything about you as an individual in order to show you suitable offers. We prove through MyOffrz that targeted offers and privacy do not necessarily stand in opposition to each other.

The MyOffrz software decides in the browser installed locally on your device which offers you wind up seeing. It “knows” based on your searches and your visits to websites what is most likely to interest you. Furthermore, you can determine manually which offers are and aren’t shown to you. None of the data required for the decision-making process ever leave your device and therefore always remain in your possession and under your control.

How does MyOffrz guarantee your anonymity?

Using a proxy network ensures that no exchange of personal data takes place between the browser and the MyOffrz server. A proxy network also ensures when measuring how offers are accepted that your anonymity is protected at all times. All the operators of MyOffrz can see is that a user has responded to an offer – not who that user is. This makes it entirely impossible from the start to infer anything about your identity!

What's in it for you?

MyOffrz helps you save money and receive special, additional benefits without much effort. It goes without saying that your privacy will be protected – we don’t process or sell any personal data whatsoever. And beyond that, we don’t profile you. At MyOffrz, you as a user always remain anonymous!

What's in it for Cliqz?

All parties benefit equally from MyOffrz: you as the user and Cliqz as the operator of the MyOffrz platform as well as our business partners, who pay us a commission for delivering the offers. It’s practically a win-win-win for everyone!

The revenue generated from MyOffrz allows us to continuously refine our products – such as the Cliqz Browser and the innovative quick-search function – and offer them indefinitely at no cost.