MyOffrz - Part 1: Browse smarter with maximum privacy

We are presenting our MyOffrz business model in detail in a multi-part blog series. Part 1 explains the many benefits you as a user can enjoy.

MyOffrz Smartsurfer (Bild: iStock / nensuria)

Björn GreifEditor

It’s happened to all of us: You’ve looked for shoes or electronics online, and over the next couple of days you’re shown ads for those products everywhere while surfing the Web. Pretty annoying – especially if you’ve already purchased the product. This is the result of what’s known as retargeting, where webshop visitors are tagged and subsequently bombarded with ads on other pages. The tracking necessary for this process also jeopardizes your privacy.

In response to this, we developed MyOffrz, which is based on an entirely novel idea: You profit from offers displayed by your browser! These offers include discounts, bargains and specials that offer real value. MyOffrz can tell based on your browser history what your interests are and will show you offers only if they are pertinent to you, making it differ fundamentally from simple retargeting.

And the best part about MyOffrz: The decision whether or not an offer is displayed to you is made in the browser installed locally on your device. None of the data leaves your device! You remain in control of your data at all times and your privacy is protected at all times!  [How exactly we go about protecting people’s privacy while displaying targeted offers will be explained in the second part of our blog series.]

Benefit from discounts and specials

MyOffrz allows you to obtain great discounts while surfing the Web. No longer will you miss out on specials that interest you. The offers our business clients make available are sent to all browsers and add-ons supported by MyOffrz and stay in the background until they are called up. An offer is displayed in your browser only when the MyOffrz software on your device determines that, in all likelihood, you are interested in one of the offers at a given time. For example, if you’re searching online for particular sports footwear, you’ll may be shown an offer from one of our e-commerce clients that includes a discount, meaning that you’ll be targeted only if you’re really looking for an offer. Furthermore, you can determine manually which offers are and aren’t shown to you. In doing so, you will also help us continue to improve MyOffrz.

If you decide to accept an offer, you’ll benefit from better prices and specials. Because our business clients are pleased when their offers are accepted, they allow us to share in their success by paying us a commission. In the end, it’s a win-win for all parties. The revenue from MyOffrz allows us to continuously refine our products – such as the Cliqz Browser and the innovative quick-search function – and offer them indefinitely at no cost. This means that you can really use our products for free without having to pay for them indirectly with your personal data, as is the case with many apps and services that are free only at first glance.

Suitable offers that don't sacrifice your privacy

In short: MyOffrz is the first service that brings together tailored offers and individualized, interest-based targeting with consistent data privacy and protection. This completely unprecedented technology is operated by Cliqz’s subsidiary, Cliqz MyOffrz GmbH. MyOffrz is located within both the Cliqz Browser and Cliqz for Firefox as well as in other apps, browsers and browser extensions such as Ghostery.

Do you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or questions regarding MyOffrz? Just send us an email to user[at] We look forward to hearing from you!