MyOffrz – Part 2: Targeted offers and privacy are not a contradiction in terms

The second part of our blog series on MyOffrz explains how we display useful offers in your browser that align with your interests at the right moment without compromising your privacy.

MyOffrz vereint zielgerichtete Angebote und Privatsphäre (Bild: iStock / CarlosAndreSantos).

Björn GreifEditor

In the first part of our blog series, we explained the basics of our MyOffrz business model and introduced its many benefits for users. In this second part, we’ll address in greater detail how MyOffrz reconciles tailored offers and individualized, interest-based targeting with consistent data privacy and protection.

Protecting the privacy of our users is one of the cornerstones of our company philosophy. We remain faithful to our philosophy even when it comes to MyOffrz, which was developed in accordance with the most stringent data privacy and protection standards. We as a company don’t need to know anything about you as an individual to show you suitable offers. This is nothing short of a paradigm shift. We prove through MyOffrz that targeted offers and data privacy do not necessarily stand in opposition to each other.

Its technical implementation was anything but simple. That’s why we are very proud of having mastered the challenge: The MyOffrz software decides in the browser installed locally on your device which offers you wind up seeing. It “knows” based on your searches and your visits to websites what is most likely to interest you. Furthermore, you can determine manually which offers are and aren’t shown to you. None of the data required for the decision-making process ever leave your device and therefore always remain in your possession and under your control.

Your privacy and your anonymity are always protected

We never process personal data, we don’t store such data centrally on a server and, on top of that, we don’t profile you. This means we can’t pass on or sell your data to third parties. With MyOffrz, you as a user are always anonymous!

All we record on our server are statistical data regarding offer clicks and data entries on the website of the business client making the offer. But we keep these data completely separate from the information on website visits and search queries. This makes it impossible from the outset to infer anything about your identity! All the operators of MyOffrz can see is that a user has responded to an offer he received – not who that user is.

Using a proxy network ensures that no exchange of personal data takes place between the browser and the MyOffrz server. A proxy network also makes sure when measuring how the offers are accepted that your anonymity is protected at all times.  Don’t miss the third part of our blog series if you want to know more about the technology at the heart of MyOffrz.

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